25 July 2010


Well first off. I would like to thank all of my 13 followers for, well, following me. I know 13 isn't a lot and most of you guys have way more than I do. But, I started with ZERO followers. I was talking to myself for a little while.


I planned on blogging a lot more yesterday but sadly my computer got hit with a virus. It's all better now though. My daddy is like the best I.T Person on earth. So yeah. But, be ware, the name of the virus is called Desk Top Security 2010. <----- This is a virus. It tries to convince you that your computer is infected with this awful virus when in fact, that is the virus. Pay attention to things that pop up. Read very carefully on what they are asking you to do. It became evident to me that Desk Top Security 2010 was a virus because it said that I was spamming and that I could get sued for spamming. So then I was like, since when does a computer know about getting sued? It also had improper grammar. And plus my dad already put virus protection on our computer. Stupid virus. Stupid people who make viruses. Like, get a life. You don't have nothin' else better to do but make viruses? Don't you know that people's ENTIRE LIVES  are on their computers. And you think it's funny to destroy them? Idiot. I wish I could meet the people who make viruses so I can tell them about themselves. And this is the reason why I hate PC. I'm a Mac at heart.

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