31 August 2010

(GASP) Sad face

Today is the last day of August. My goal was to try and post 100 post this month. FAIL. After this I'll have only posted like 80 I think. Well I came close.
Good News.!
I have 21 days until my birthday! Can you imagine how excited I am to say that I'm 18? (sigh) I can't wait. I told my parents that for my birthday I wanted to go to the movies early in the morning and just watch movies all day. lol. Their response...NO. LOL I thought it was a good idea.

side note

I don't understand why people are so surprised when I tell them my age. When I tell you how shocked people are "Oh my God!? You finna be 18? I thought you was a sophmore" "I thought you was like 14!" No sweetey. I already did that. lol. But like, my freshmen year, the upper classmen thought I was in the same grade as them. I guess it was because I was fresh out of middle school ie the worst years of my life. So I guess middle school "aged" me. But then, when I made it to high school, I guess my clock started ticking backwards. #shrug. I guess I should do something about that huh? But, my aunt who lives in Chicago is in her late 30's early 40's and you can't even tell. She could pass as a high school student, really. So maybe I take after her.

21 Accents by Amy Walker

ha.! she should've did all the many "black" accents.!

29 August 2010

Zoe Saldana: CK Commercial

I love This
No Homo

Saw this guy at church with some D&G glasses

They had wooden legs. Well they looked wooden and the frames were black. I want them. . . BAD
Sadly...I can't find them anywhere on the World Wide Web.
I found these though. They're by Dolce & Gabbana.
btw. what's the differnce between D&G and Dolce & Gabbana?

. . . something just told me to check in the men's section
hold on a sec. . .


These are Versace


Ooo I really like these
Mother may I?

Shia Labeouf

Translation. . .
Thank God for beef

I remember this kid when he was on Even Stephen's. I remember I didn't like watching that show because he would always spit when he talked. Ha.! He's not a slobbering kid anymore. He's quite hansom.

...and I shall let my haters hate

There are people who run cross country who I could surely live without
It's bad enough that I must endure your presence in the spring, now I must spend my fall with you too?
ha.! But you won't stress me out
I won't worry about you
even though you seem to always worry about me

I will cease not
I will come to practice
and I will run the best way I know how
& Soul

And yes I will admit,
some of you are far better runners than I
who cares?
I'm not here for you
I'm here to impress you
Who are you?

And who am I you ask?
I am

and so shall I let my haters hate

I must be doing something right


The Most Interesting man in the world

Happy Birthday Michael

28 August 2010

African Dance

Whoa Now She's a beast

  • 1985:100m Dash- 11.00s
  • 1987:100m Dash- 10.49s
Florence "Flo-Jo" Griffith-Joyner

8:34 AM


I had fun.!
And it's not that I thought I wouldn't, well I kinda did. But, after practice my dad came to pick me up and we went straight to the church. I didn't have anytime to shower or anything and I prayed that I was musty. lol. Nobody said anything sly and I didn't hear any whispers, so I guess I was fine. After we finished eating our Papa John's, we went to this bowling alley out in St. Peter's. We bowled a hold game, I didn't do so well as far as scoring but I was in 3rd place. #shrugSHOULDERS. Then, we played laser tag. (sigh) I loved it! But, my team lost. #whatever. It was cool. I wouldn't mind doing it again.

In other news. . .

I went to practice, cross country, and to be honest, it really wasn't that bad. But then again, I didn't do the whole work out. My excuse: This is my first day. So they let me off easy. The rest of the girls had to run 3 super laps which is the equivalent of 4 miles I think. I only ran 1 super lap. So I guess that's like, just about 1.3 miles? #shrug. Monday I'll try and do better. I did do my whole warm up if that counts for anything. It was supposed to be a mile around the track, 4 laps. But the girls talked the sub-coach into letting us only do 3. We coulda did the whole mile. What's one more lap? I'm still gonna see if the coach will let me just practice with the girls because I don't wanna run any meets. If you stop running during the race, you're supposedly disqualified. But my thought is, whose gonna see me stop? Are there people along the entire coarse? #whatever. I'm just trying to save the drama.

27 August 2010

Hey mister? I heard you were gay.

Well I read that you were gay

Sitting in WEB Design not designing a web page

These dumb computers ain't workin right. So the teacher let us have a free day. #whatever. I was supposed to stay after school yesterday for cross country...but I didn't. So I've been hiding from my track coach all day because I told him that I'd stay yesterday and I didn't. I'm staying today. I think practice is over at 5:30 which is the same time I'm supposed to be at church to go bowling. (huh) Busy. How am I supposed to bowl when I'll probably be too tired to even stand. I'm not going to complain though. At least I have something to do. #shrug

25 August 2010

Teyana Singing

I apologize...

I couldn't post yesterday because I really didn't have anytime. I had pre-calc homework and some other AP English stuff. Then, I went to church. Then I came back home, ate my ribs, and watched Degrassi.

in other news...

I'm doing cross country starting tomorrow. 9 times out of 10, I won't like it. But it'll get me in really good shape for track season. (sigh)

I'll post more later.

23 August 2010

Pretty Pretty Pretty

She's Gorgeous.!
(No Homo)

I call you babe, you call me boo.

And some day this love I dream will come true.
I'll open my eyes and I'll see you.


I get sick of writing these DARN posts. (hehe censored)

Why do you refuse to understand me?

I feel as though you refuse to look at life through my eyes. It's like, you can, but you won't. And that's what frustrates me. You wonder why I don't really open up to you?
  1. You won't see life the way I see it
  2. You're sarcastic
Sarcasm: I don't like sarcastic people. I realize that I'm sarcastic too but, I don't do it to hurt people. I don't do it in a serious conversation. And if I do, I didn't mean to which I think I've proven many many times. When people get smart with me, it make me feel like they think I'm stupid. Why can't you just say regular? Why do you have to add on extra stuff? FACT: If you run out of breath as you're speaking that means you're saying things that are unnecessary. I'm not retarded.
  • You're a man
  • I'm a girl
  • You're a father
  • I'm a daughter
  • We are not the same
You don't understand me and often times I feel as though you are incapable of doing so. How could you? You've never been a girl before. So how is it possible that you can see the way I see? You can't. And this is why I don't open up to you about my personal life. Things that bother me. And even if I was to do that, I would feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable and awkward.

If you're reading this, this is not to hurt you. It's just, the way I feel.

22 August 2010

Dear America

Dear America,
        How could you let our people fall? Those people, down in Louisiana, they live as though they're in a 3rd world country. How can those people live in the same country as I do, and not have a roof over their head? Carpet under their feet? We have enough money for big budget movies, but we can't go and help our fellow Americans? I'm disappointed. We're quick to go to other countries and help those people in need. But when our people are in trouble, we can't help them. Hurricane Katrina hit when I was in the 7th grade. I'm a senior now and those people still need help. How does the land of the free have people in bondage? How is this possible?  Those people, they don't have hospitals. They don't have schools and homes. And the money they do have, it's being stolen by people in high places. We should be ashamed of ourselves. America, we must man up and save our people.

A fellow American


Current Status: Failing

Hey.! It's in color.!

The Temptations

21 August 2010

Way of life

Boy meets girl
Boy likes girl
Boy asks for number
Girl gives number
Girl falls in love
Boy breaks her heart

Old Picture

Me in black
Sister in tan

I wanna go to Australia

And the count down begins...

31 days until my 18th Birthday!!

How exciting is that? To be honest, I don't even have anything planned. Like I've said many times, I'm not really a big party person. I think I just want to have dinner with my family and that'll be it. #shrugsSHOULDERS
I can't even believe that I'm turning 18. 18? Me, I'll be 18 in a month? Hmm. That's so weird. Like, next year, I'll be 19...wtHECK? 19! Ha.! I'll also be in college by then too. I'm so excited for life!...after high school. lol.

speaking of high school...

I have too favorite classes...

  • Principles of Bio med Sciences

  • Anatomy & Physiology
Can you see the pattern? Yeah. I like this stuff. I guess to some people it's boring. But when I learn anything to do with health and stuff like that, I get excited!

back to turning 18...

I was thinking of getting my other tragus pierced but idk. #1 Reason: I'm broke. And the other reason is because that'll make it even harder for me to sleep. I already can't sleep on my right side, and if I get the other side done, that'll make me have to sleep on my back. Which is almost impossible. Then I thought, "What about a tattoo?" But, I don't want to go against my parents wishes. I'll just wait until I move out. I'll draw up the tattoo idea and post it soon. (But don't count on it today)

For the rest of my class schedule click below.

20 August 2010


I doubt if many people read my iPod Series. Whatever. I think it's good and those who read it think it's good. That's all that matters.

in other news...

lt's see how long I keep up this blogging thing before it goes down the drain...

19 August 2010


Apple iPad Portraits by Kyle Lambert



Megan Fox

18 August 2010

Time for a Change...

You know how your parents tell you stuff ALL THE TIME but you never really listen or get it until somebody else tells you? Well that just happened to me about 30 minutes ago. My mom tells me ALL THE TME to stop looking so mean. Then I'd say I'm not looking mean or whatever. She says that I try to be tough or whatever when in fact that's not the case AT ALL. Sometimes I feel like that's just how my face looks. Idk. Anyway, this lady who used to work at my momma job wrote be on facebook and was like..."somethin' somethin' somethin' and stop being so mean" and so I replied back and said "who told you I was mean?" and then she was like "nobody. You just be walking around looking mean and I know you just tryna be tough but your mom tells me how sweet you are"

This ^^^^ got me thinking. I don't want people to think that I'm mean because I'm really not. I can be mean. But that's not a regular thing for me. So yeah. I need to work on not only being more friendly to people, but looking friendly/nice on the outside. This is probably the reason why people (boys) don't approach me. (sigh) Lord take the mean away. I don't wanna be mean.

I miss her show...

idk who these other bums are...

East Runway...

Tuesday's Outfit
The jeans are from PacSun and the shirt is from Wet Seal
-dark wash super skinny jeans
-V Neck Tee

you can't see it that well...sorry

Wednesday's Outfit
-Future Favorites Denim Shirt from PacSun
-black leggings w/lace at the bottom from Forever 21 (i think)

iPod (nano) 3:Juvie pt.2

Amber woke up in a cold sweat. Her hair was wet and her sheets were also damp. “Ugh…” she groaned “get out of my head.” She smacked herself against her forehead a few times.

A few hours later…

“Uno!!” exclaimed one of the inmates.

“Ugh, I always lose at this game” Amber complained.

“You got the whole deck in yer hands”

By now Amber made a couple friends at the juvenile hall. Roxy. Was the girl Amber was playing uno with. She was from Alabama. Her mother and father had gotten a divorce about a year ago. Her father was laid off his job. To ease the pain of not being able to support his family he drank whole bottles of Smirnoff and Jack Daniels. Then when beer and liquor didn’t muffle his pain he abused his wife. Physically and verbally.

“It’s your fault I lost my job!!” he would say smacking her across the face. “Always complaining about coming home late. I bet you wish I was at work late now”

“What does your tattoo mean?” asked the girl.

“It’s Chinese for Amber” said Amber

“Hm” she said in approval “Pretty colors”

The first symbol was pink and the second was green. They were on her left wrist.

“Roxy you have any tattoos or piercings?” Amber asked in curiosity.

“Had my naval pierced when I first got here. They made me take it out though” Roxy said in despair.

“These people here are so paranoid. How much damage can you really do to someone with a belly ring” Amber said frustrated.

“I know, right? But you could get into a fight up here and they could rip it out of your stomach” Roxy commented.

Amber winced in pretend pain, “Yeah never mind about that” she said laughing.

17 August 2010

MediaTakeOut.com learned that a blogger named Deborah Cooper set off a FIRESTORM when she posted on her blog, SurvivingDating.com, a new THEORY on why so many of us Black women are single. And according to her, it’s the CHURCH that’s keeping us single. Here’s the author’s THEORY:

Black women have an inordinate amount of faith in both Black men and Black churches. My position is that such blind and unwavering faith in either is misplaced. It is my belief that the Black church, structured around traditional gender roles which makes women submissive to and inferior to men, greatly limits females.

Single Black women sitting in church every Sunday are being subtly brainwashed, soothed and placated into waiting without demand for what they want to magically come to them. Who is doing this to Black women? The male standing at the front of the Church in the role of spiritual leader, that’s who!

And of course, CNN couldn’t WAIT to jump in and BLAST the Black church. Here is what they’re reporting:

Big Miller Grove Missionary Baptist Church, a predominately African-American Baptist church in Atlanta, is holding a seminar on the question of faith's role in marital status on August 20.

"Black women are interpreting the scriptures too literally. They want a man to which they are 'equally yoked' -- a man that goes to church five times a week and every Sunday just like they do," Cooper said in a recent interview.

"If they meet a black man that is not in church, they are automatically eliminated as a potential suitor. This is just limiting their dating pool."

The traditional structure and dynamics of black churches, mostly led by black men, convey submissive attitudes to women, Cooper says, encouraging them to be patient -- instead of getting up and going after what they want.

-thankyou mediatakeout for this report...

Tuesday Inspiration

16 August 2010

08/16/10 outfit

These are kinda dark...but yeah. This is what I wore today.
...excuse my plaid pj's on the side of the first picture...



Soooo every things the same basically. We got a new principal...she sucks. I think she came from Pattonville or Ritnor and so she's trying to implement their rules at East. wtHECK.? Have you lost your cotton pickin'  mind? For some odd reason she thinks it's normal to have a microphone during lunch. "No skipping in the lunch room!" wtkcuf?.! Lady, we don't need you doin stuff like that. We are in high school. (ugh) Just minor aggravations. I got this class I didn't sign up for, Intro to Marketing. So that'll change soon. Everything else is cool I guess.

First Day of School


14 August 2010

Cave of Swallows

11:08 PM

It's over...

the party/BBQ/get2gether/thing is over

it was so HOT in the basebase I couldn't breathe. I felt my lungs tightening up! (ugh) We had lots of people, and lots of food and lots of heat....BLACK PEOPLE.

Whatever. I'm tired now.

Maybe one more post, then shower, then BED.

"Ah, Jack Sparrow doesn't know what he wants"

Fave line of the movie

I'm a Hot Babe jogging

13 August 2010

Another fashion post

Autumn Winter 2010 Collection

If only I walked in heels...

Jimmy Choo

Oh my God.! Today is Friday the 13th isn't it?

tomorrow, my mom & dad are throwing this party/picnic/BBQ/celebration/get-2gether thing. they're inviting the choir and some other people over. my dad is the "assistant minister of music" at our church. whatever. this just means a lot of noise and my mother walking around all frantic and me getting in trouble because i told her to calm down. (ugh) it means my dad will be giving me and my sister all of these obscene orders (such as carry a heavy chair up the stairs to give to some man who can get it him self)  and acting different than he normally does. (pause) i just havn't been that excited for anything lately. i just wanna hurry up and graduate so i can leave this old dusty place. i don't wanna play video games with people i don't normally talk to at church. then, when i see them at church the next day, they'll expect me to say hi to them just cuz i played a game with. (ugh) i'm not even excited for the food. i'm just not interested.  0_o

12 August 2010

SYTYCD WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!


For those of you who live in the "central" time zone, click the link. 

5 Favorite Features on a Man/Boy/Dude/Chico/hombre

In no particular order...

The happy trail :D


Facial Hair
but only he could do this one

he could only do this one too

Nice Smile

The Body...the entire body

&& well I couldn't find a 5th thing
oh well

11 August 2010

Blonde && Tatt'd

Summer Obsession

Supernatural is this summer's obsession. I LOVE THIS SHOW! Every now and again I get hooked on these "demonic" "witch-crafty" shows. Then I snap out of it. I should snap out  of it soon since school starts next week. I won't be able to watch it because it'll be on when I'm at school. :( Maybe it's for my good?

btw...did anyone see HAWTHORNE yesterday?
Ms. JayLo didn't do so bad huh?

I thought he was ugly until I watched HAWTHORNE yesterday.

I have no problem watching people be in love on TV, but to see it in real life...KILL ME

I Just may die w/o you next fall

iPod (nano) 3:Juvie pt.1

Her cell was musty and cold as she laid on her hard bed. She felt cold shivers going down her back. The white almost sheer sheet that was given to her was useless because of its thin material. But she kept it on because it was colder on the outside world. The girl next door to her cell was cursing at the guards and kicking the steel door. The guard banged on her door with his flashlight and told her to shut up. The small light that came through the rectangular slot of her steel door gave her a chance to read the white brick walls. “I hate this place, Life Sucks!” the walls read. Then suddenly it was pitch black and the guard said “Lights out!” The rectangular slot on her door was shut.

“Bang, bang, bang!” This sudden noise scared Amber out of her hard bed in a panic.

“Rise and shine ladies!” said the obnoxious guard.

Amber’s steel door opened and she walked out into the bright lights. She stopped and covered her eyes with her hands because the lights were so bright.

Then she felt a sudden push along with someone saying, “Go!”

There was an emo girl behind her. Amber forced her eyes to stay open and followed the girl in front of her. They were all led to a huge shower room. Each of the girls were given a squirt of soap to wash up with.

“I hate this” Amber thought to herself, “Why can’t they have individual showers? What could we possibly do in the shower?”

A lot. She had no idea.

Every morning was the same routine. Wake up, take a three and a half minute shower, and eat cold grits. Amber hated grits.

“What in the world is a ‘Grit’,” she thought to herself. Then suddenly the showers shut off and everybody moaned.

“How the @#$% am I supposed to get this soap outa my hair!?” said one of the girls.

Amber still had soap on her face, hands and hair. But she didn’t complain. By now this was the third or forth time this had happened to her. She very casually walked into the locker room and wiped the soap off. Then she put on her inmate uniform. Careful not to fall, she slipped one foot through each leg of the grey jump suit. Before pulling it up, she put on the white t shirt that was given to her. Then she slipped each arm through her sleeve and zipped the grey jumpsuit about half way up. She put on the shoes that were given to her for the day. They were a size 9.

“These are too big,” she told the lady, “I’m a 6.”

“Too bad, deal with it,” the lady answered back.

Not feeling like arguing with the lady she walked away tripping over her too big shoes. When she reached the sink she filled her hand with supposed ‘warm’ water and splashed it on her face. Then she took more ‘warm’ water and rinsed her hair of the soap. She shivered as it went down her neck and back. Then she took a towel and dried her hair the best she could.

“Okay ladies!” said one of the group counselors, “time for breakfast.”

“Yay” said the emo girl sarcastically, “time to eat cold grits.”

There were 15 group leaders in the entire juvenile center. Each group had approximately 18 to 21 girls. Amber was in group 12. The counselors name was Greg. Obviously he couldn’t come in the locker room because he was a man. So counselor number 9, Karen had to supervise them.

Trey Songz- Love Lost

10 August 2010

09 August 2010

Add it to the list

  • Mizzou...University of Missouri
  • Wash U...Washington University
  • DePaul University
  • Butler University

She makes smoking DEATH STICKS look so cool

Travis Wall Gay???

Who knew?

08 August 2010

Tightrope- Janelle Monae, B.o.B, Lupe Fiasco

Cool Breast Cancer ribbon tats

If you really knew me...

If you really knew me you'd know that back in October my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.
You'd know that in January she started her first Chemo treatment and that she finished her last Chemo treatment in June.
If you really knew me, you'd know that a week or two later she started radiation and that she finish her radiation treatments a couple weeks ago.
If you really knew me, you'd know that my mother is CANCER FREE is she's walkin, talkin, and preachin!!!

(and yes, I drew that ribbon)

07 August 2010