13 August 2010

Oh my God.! Today is Friday the 13th isn't it?

tomorrow, my mom & dad are throwing this party/picnic/BBQ/celebration/get-2gether thing. they're inviting the choir and some other people over. my dad is the "assistant minister of music" at our church. whatever. this just means a lot of noise and my mother walking around all frantic and me getting in trouble because i told her to calm down. (ugh) it means my dad will be giving me and my sister all of these obscene orders (such as carry a heavy chair up the stairs to give to some man who can get it him self)  and acting different than he normally does. (pause) i just havn't been that excited for anything lately. i just wanna hurry up and graduate so i can leave this old dusty place. i don't wanna play video games with people i don't normally talk to at church. then, when i see them at church the next day, they'll expect me to say hi to them just cuz i played a game with. (ugh) i'm not even excited for the food. i'm just not interested.  0_o

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