05 August 2010

It Finally Click'd

Yesterday, me and my ENTIRE family, well, not my ENTIRE family, just everybody who lives with me. So just 4 people went to go register for school. I was kinda bum'd because I didn't wanna go. I wasn't interested in seeing my school. So yeah, I had a stinky attitude. My sister was all excited. But if you ask her, she'll say she wasn't, but she really was. That's all she talked about since they sent us the registration papers. But anyway, I saw some people, and I saw some people I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND and yeah. I also saw my track coach, COACH BARNES. He was like "You runnin track this year?" and then I was like "I don't know. I don't think I'm good enough! Place name here run the 4!!" So then, he was like, "Don't worry about that. Don't be scared! You ran last year and you was fast before you got injured" Then he was like if you wanna run this year, how 'bout you come once a week and lift weights so we can get you ready. So yeah, I'm running this spring. IDK, I feel like there's a pull coming from that direction. Maybe there's a scholarship with my name on it? Hm. TRUST GOD.
If you havn't guessed by now, I'm excited for senior year. SEN11OR YEAR!!! I'm also excited for this college thing. I can see myself in a university. I just gotta work on my social skills. Being friendly is so hard. OMG.


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  2. Im going into serious year as well!
    So excited to get the hell outta highschool!


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