28 May 2010

Queen Bey, Trey, and Keri

luv Her!
and the fashion...DOPE

Sad Songz.
...budt ii luv it whn he hit that high note!

26 May 2010

22 May 2010

Drama Free Summer

&& this summer I'll have tearless nights and a smile when ii wake
ii WILL NOT depend on others to make my day
ii'll make my own day
cuz it's MY DAY and ii deserve the best
ii'll spend my days with those who care for me
ii won't cry myself to sleep this summer
this summer, my joy will overflow
this summer, ii WILL NOT stay in the house...and wait by the phone
this summer, is mine!

18 May 2010

Straight Plug driving Moccasin by Minnetonka


Jennifer Hudson- I'm His Only Women ft. Fantasia

***Ring, ring***

J Hud: Hello?
Fantasia: Hello, ca-can I speak to Jennifer please?
J: Yes, this is Jennifer. May I ask who's calling?
F: Hi Jennifer. I'm Tony's girlfriend. I don't mean to call on that disrespectful stuff like ...
J: Wait a minute. Tony's girlfriend??? Apparently you got the wrong number because I'm Tony's woman, his only woman that is.
F: Well obviously that's what he's been telling you, but I'm calling right now to formally introduce myself. My name is Fantasia...
J: Did you just say introduce yourself?
F: Yeah...
J: Well I don't need no introduction. I am his woman and I am Jennifer Hudson. If this was ten years ago, I'd be at your front door ready to whoop your ass. But you know what? I'm too grown for that. I ain't got nothing else to say.

I'm his only woman, his woman
And you can't break up this home
You can say what you want
This is my man get your own
After all these years I spent
Must have been close to ten
You can't mean the same to him
Especially when that's my man

Baby now if he's with you
tell me why he calls me boo
Guess he played you like a fool
I think he's lying to you

Ohh, I'm just tryna talk to you baby
woman to woman
Like two adults not tryna start no commotion
But the man you claim is yours says he's mine
And he loves me too
Same promises to you
The honest truth
Guess we both are fools

Seems that you're the one who's calling me
Ohh, he belongs to me. Only me. And only me
This situation you don't want no confrontation wi-with me boo
I don't know what he's telling you
But it seems to me that you're confused

I'm his only woman, his woman yeah
And what you're saying to me I don't care

I'm not tryna go back and forth
Simply you're not welcome over here

After all these years I spent
Must have been close to ten
You can't mean the same to him
Especially when that's my man

Baby now if he's with you
Tell me why he calls me boo
I guess he's lying to me (He's lying to you)

Ooh, I can't believe it (Can't believe it)
The same man that I knew
When he lived with his mama (I knew him too yeah)
The same damn man
Who car note that I paid
Who bed that I made
So you better believe
After all the years I spent
Must have been close to ten
You can't mean the same to him
Especially when he's my man

Baby now if he's with you
Tell me why he calls me boo
Guess he lied to me (He's lying to you) 

12 May 2010


&& it seems like everyone I want never wants me
&& it seems like everyone I like never likes me

What am I doin wrong?
Somebody tell me
'Cuz this let them come to you stuff...
Is B.S

&& maybe this method works for some people
but not all
because some people ain't as loud as others
That's why they don't gotta do nothin
'Cuz they always seen
always heard

But people like me
Ya'know those who...
aren't as loud
not as seen
not as Popular
are the ones that get over looked

But I feel like...
being loud is not my personality...
but if being loud or more outgoing gets me the attention I want...
why not try it?
Why not make a change?

08 May 2010

Mother's Day

When I found out that you were diagnosed with cancer, the first thing I thought was, “Why are you always sick?” “Why can’t she just not have health issues?” Then I began to think, how can I walk past my mother and father’s room and only see my father there. “How will my daddy be?” “How will he survive without his best friend?” “Is he going to be alright?” I didn’t know what to think, or do, so I prayed. I prayed everyday and sometimes multiple times a day. Suddenly my fear went away and I knew that you would be alright. I stopped worrying and every time I told you it would be okay, I meant it. I remember when you told Jelisa about the cancer and she started crying. I remembered as she cried, she said God had already told her it would be okay. Then, we prayed together, and I led the prayer. After I got done praying, I looked up and saw my daddy’s eyes were watering. When I saw that, I knew that he truly cared about you and I hope that one day, I’d find someone who cares the same for me. I think the hardest part of this journey for me was when you lost your hair. I wouldn’t even look at you for a couple of days because I didn’t want that image in my head. I didn’t want to know what my mother looked like without hair on her head. Then I got over it. And now I’m always up under you.

You are, the strongest woman I know. You’ve been through so much pain. Whether it’s physical or mental, you’ve made it through. Even when you were under chemo, people would call you and you would begin to preach. One minute you were drowsy then the next you were wide awake because Jesus was on your mind. Then I really knew that name had power. On Sundays, you prayed for people who probably had know idea of what you were going through. You’ve inspired me to go into the medical field. The proper name is Oncology (awn-ca-luh-gee). Oncology comes from the Greek “onkos” which means bulk, mass, or tumor. And “logy” means the study of. Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with tumors or cancer. I felt since I lived with someone who was diagnosed with cancer and was healed from cancer, I could tell people that it is possible to make it through. I could tell them that the road was not over. Their story is not finished but a new chapter has begun. And all you have to do is have faith the size of a mustered seed and activate it. Once they do that, everything is alright.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Love LaVonia

02 May 2010

Raw Beauty...Priceless

Lust not after her beauty in thyne heart,
neither let her to thee with her eyelids
Proverbs 6:25