19 March 2010

Roscoe Dash- All the Way Turnt Up


I luv the "scruffy-goatee-mustache". I think its cute not to mention the Mohawk and the Atlanta accent

14 March 2010

RIP Cordell "Luh Fella" Moore

At the start of Spring Break, we lost the light of our day
The kid that made us smile
The boy that made us all happy

Our days became dark
and our hearts became heavy
Our legs began to drag
as our minds began to scramble

Your smile will never leave us
and never will your voice

With your elf like ears
and your curly mohawk
You grabbed the hearts of us all
and squeezed it real tight

And as we walk through the hallways of Hazelwood East
we'll be struck with our memories of you posted against the lockers

And we promise as a whole, that you will never be lost in our memories
For how can such a bright light be lost darkness

04 March 2010

Morning Breath...

For those of you who know,...and for those of you who don't know, when I first started using blogger my first blog I ever wrote,(I think) was about having morning breath during the day. Before I started this post I was thinking about that post and it gave me the idea to create a post ever so often about my morning breath. Except...it's not actually about my breath. It'll be about something I thought about that morning.

This morning's morning breath...

Recently I discovered an online clothing line called gas-d . As I was looking through it, I realized how much I loved the style of the clothing. The line is extremely laid back and "earthy." I'm not an earthy person but it caught my attention because it was different.

When you look through the collection, notice how unique way of spelling...

I apologize on the behalf of blogger...my link button doesn't work. But here's the address anyway.

02 March 2010

My Greatest Fear

My Greatest Fear:
Not Being Good enough,
Not making the cut.

But quitting before the game has begun just to bypass failing, will mean failure too.
If I quit, that would mean my greatest fear has come to past. And if my greatest fear comes to past, what will become of me? Who will I become? How will I stand up after failing.

If I shall ever fail, I will never continue to fail. I will stand up, and prosper. I will learn from my mistakes and tell others of it.

And if I never actually see myself prospering:
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1