31 July 2010

Charlie St.Cloud

Is anyone going to see Charlie St.Cloud?

30 July 2010

I like Miley

I don't understand why people don't like Miley Cyrus. She seems nice to me. And I really don't get why people like to call her a GARDENING TOOL. You don't even know this girl. I like her tattoo, and her nose ring.

"Just Breathe"

Nose Ring

I feel like Hollywood is being stupid. There are millions and millions of girls with tattoos and piercings. This is when it all starts.  This is completely her age.

Please excuse my extremely long title (that I could have shortened but decided not to) about NBA player's trying to sing R&B and rap

I saw him (Kereem Rush) on 106 & Park yesterday. I guess he's a retire NBA star or something? Anyway, why do all the Lakers think they can sing and rap?

Ron Artest made a song called "Champion"
His song isn't that bad though. In fact it's kinda good.

28 July 2010

iPod (nano)

As he walked out the house his mother told him to be careful and pay attention to his surroundings. He didn’t hear her because he was too busy putting on his baby blue earphones.

As he walked down the concrete sidewalk, he listened to Lupe Fiasco’s kick-Push. He bobbed his head to the beat and mimicked the rythmatic lyrics. He didn’t notice when the old lady who lived on 11224 Cobblestone Lane asked him to get the mail for her. He walked right passed her, nor did he notice the Great Dane that was behind the fence barking.

He couldn’t hear or see the things around him. All he heard and saw was the picture that his music created. Kick out the haters and keep it pushin’. As his music changed, so did his mood. Now he listened to J. Holiday’s Put You to Bed. As the lyrics flowed through his ears he quickened his pace to get to his girls house.

Crossing the street he didn’t see the black Grand Pre quickly approaching him. Walking with the tempo of the song; he watched the red ford on another street drive passed him. When he turned it was too late. The Black Grand Pre going 80MPH smashed into him and cracked his spine. He flipped completely across the car hitting his head on the concrete ground, killing him. The Grand Pre sped off.

LaVonia Bembry

My iPod (nano) Series

I like to write but I guess that's obvious. Back in the 8th grade, I started a series called iPod. The first two, iPod 1 & 2, are short stories. The one I'm working on now, iPod 3, is longer and isn't finished yet. At 12:00 o'clock today, I'll post iPod 1. So be on the lookout and check back often for the other installments.

Old Aubrey (before all the plastic & glister)

Remember this?

Skip to 0:50
That's when the song I want you to hear starts. Or listen to the whole thing, your choice. Whatever.

Question of the Day

Why do black people say FINTO or FINNA?

27 July 2010

26 July 2010

T H E T R U T H .

Some days I wonder about the day I'll truly be happy. The day I'll wake up with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart. When I'll meet someone whose happy to see me. Happy that I'm alive, that I exist. I often wonder if this day will ever happen. Will I ever be happy? Or will these sad days repeat itself? Forever wondering. Forever wishing and dreaming. Forever crying.

Warm tears run down my face. My heart weighs a ton. My body is weak and I gasp for air. I tell God I'm sick of crying. I don't wanna cry no more. Won't you dry my eyes? You don't see me, your daughter crying? Then I think, maybe God doesn't think I deserve happiness. I don't deserve to be loved. I don't deserve what I pray for. And so, my tears dry. And I stop believing in love. I stop asking God for it. And I accept what I believe is true.


Today was my mom's last Radiation Treatment. She was diagnosed with breat cancer back in October-November-ish. So yeah we've been dealing with that. But, she's fine. She already went through the Chemo and now she's done with the radiation. I never really worried too much about her well-being. I mean, don't get me wrong, I had my moments when I would be like, "OMG what if she dies" but that was only for like a quick second. I guess I just knew that God had her back. And he did. So now, I'm thinking about going to DePaul for PreMed. I'm going to be an Oncologist-a branch of medicine that deals with tumors or, cancer. I wanna see people fight their way outta cancer. And I'll be there to encouage them when they get weak. Being Cancer Free is possible. It's not just a dream.

25 July 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Currently Watching...

Christina Aguilera- You lost Me

Heeeyyyyy!!!! Yeeeeessssss! Yeeeeesss!

The only reason why I watch her show is because of the people she has on there. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't watch 'cuz I get sick of her hey's, and yes's, sugas, and honey's and baby's.

disAIN'T facebook

I like the fact that I don't know the people following me. 'Cuz people you don't know will be perfectly honest with you. Especially since we on the internet. People get hard on the net. But anyway, I don't want all my friends talkin to me on blogger. This is not what this is for. You wanna talk, go on facebook. But, I will happily accept you if I know you. Don't get me wrong. I found a few people from my school on here, but I decided not to follow them cuz I'm just not interested. Plan and Simple.

Super Woman

I wish I had hair like her.


Well first off. I would like to thank all of my 13 followers for, well, following me. I know 13 isn't a lot and most of you guys have way more than I do. But, I started with ZERO followers. I was talking to myself for a little while.


I planned on blogging a lot more yesterday but sadly my computer got hit with a virus. It's all better now though. My daddy is like the best I.T Person on earth. So yeah. But, be ware, the name of the virus is called Desk Top Security 2010. <----- This is a virus. It tries to convince you that your computer is infected with this awful virus when in fact, that is the virus. Pay attention to things that pop up. Read very carefully on what they are asking you to do. It became evident to me that Desk Top Security 2010 was a virus because it said that I was spamming and that I could get sued for spamming. So then I was like, since when does a computer know about getting sued? It also had improper grammar. And plus my dad already put virus protection on our computer. Stupid virus. Stupid people who make viruses. Like, get a life. You don't have nothin' else better to do but make viruses? Don't you know that people's ENTIRE LIVES  are on their computers. And you think it's funny to destroy them? Idiot. I wish I could meet the people who make viruses so I can tell them about themselves. And this is the reason why I hate PC. I'm a Mac at heart.

24 July 2010

7 Wonders of the World?

I always hear people say "so-and-so is the 8th wonder of the world" but what are the other 7? There's more than just 7 wonders of the world. There are probably like thousands and thousands.
  • 7 wonders of the ancient world
  • 7 wonders of the medieval mind
  • 7 natural wonders of the world
  • 7 underwater wonders of the world
  • 7 wonders of the modern world
  • 7 forgotten natural wonders of the world
  • 7 forgotten modern wonders of the world
  • 7 forgotten medieval wonders of the world
Those are 56 wonders of the world.

1968 Ford Mustang Fastback bullitt

click the link for more pictures


New Tab

Go look at it

23 July 2010

Senior Year: A Reality

School starts back August 16th and I'll be returning as a senior. I'm not really that excited. I'm not excited at all. I guess my excitement will come in May. I mean, it sounds good to say you're a senior and all but, I'm just not excited. I guess my fear of growing up is over shadowing my excitement. This year, I'mma try to be friendly. I'm nice, but not friendly. So that's what I'll do this year. I'll be friendly. And it's not so much that I'm trying to be "popular" or whatever that is. I just feel like life would be more exciting with more people in my life. Ya'know? I've never been the kind to chase attention. But this year I'll try something new. IDK. It's hard for me to step outta my box.

Your Love Official Music Video

Shockingly, I'm kinda on the fence about this song. I mean, it's cute but, I guess I'm just not that into it. But, she still THE BADDEST IN THE GAME.

22 July 2010

oh Justin Bobby, you hansome mister

Home Remedy

I found this home remedy on http://145thandchloe.blogspot.com/ where you use sugar and olive oil on your face as an exfoliator. It actually works! I was a little nervous because of my sensitive skin but my skin feels fine. In fact it feels a lot better than it did before! My skin is nice and smooth and not dry at all! So I encouage all those who suffer from acne, dry skin and oily skin to try this home remedy. It'll save you from going out o Wal-Mart buying Nuetrogena and ProActive from the T.V.
You can also use brown sugar and olive oil.

21 July 2010

When I Grow Up

My Absolute favorite time of the day.
I think I'd have to get used to showering "behind" a glass rather than a curtain.
A fireplace? In the shower? I think I'd just stay in there all day.

I like showers rather than baths. I guess I don't wanna sit in the same water I'm washing in.

Itialian Bedroom.
I can see myself right in the middle of that bed.


Recruiting followers is like the hardest FLIPPIN thing to do.! If I didn't curse I woulda cursed just then. But anyway, I only have 8followers. That's so lame. Am I that bad of a writer? ugh. How depressing.

Don't you hate it when people get mad at you for getting mad at them for talking to you when you don't feel good? Or like, they try to HOLD A CONVERSATION with you as you're sleeping? omGod.! That urks my soul. Leave me alone!!

Now that I've gotten that outta my system...

For those of you who are reading this and thinking "when the heck did I start following "Undescribably Thinkable" this blog was originally entitled "LaLa_Indeed" remember? I changed it because I didn't like that name. The title should draw people. LaLa_Indeed sounds like something else. So, we'll see how many followers I'll recruit with this new title. Also, I'm changing a few other things with my blog. It's too dark around here.

Thank me Later...


20 July 2010

Me and my...Hollister Jeans

Pause the music at the bottom of the page
Then Watch

What do you guys think?
I personally hate my voice, but, that's just me
tell me what you think of it!

-Hollister Jeans--->notCalvin Klein
-James Blunt-Your Beautiful
-Video Shooter/photographer/film maker- my younger sister

Calvin Klein

You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvin's?

Ha.! I love that commericial even though I wasn't alive in 1981.!

(old picture)
hahah! Me and those Tim's!
It's all about the Polo Boot's now

I could be a Calvin Klein model right?
No? ...well it's a small dream.

-Brooke Shields Calvin Klein commercial and pics
-other famous CK models
-more of my small aspirations
All under the cut...

Update Post

Do you guys like my new header?
Or is it to big?
IDK how to make it smaller.
I also made the font size larger. Sometimes I would squint just to see my own posts!

Also don't forget to check out today's Tuesday's Enlightenment below!

Tuesday Inspiration

19 July 2010

Willow Smith

This lil girl is dope!
She signin autographs at like...7!
Not to mention she got a hirt with her own name on it..WILLOW
-this is a Smith Baby
-ya'know like...Will Smith, Jada Pinkett?
It's obvious she gone be famous for somethin other tan her last name.!

..be original

ii think ii may have a POST THIEF.
This girl is following me who I am also following has suddenly began to have similar posts as me.
Be orginal and stop copying me.
You think I'm that dumb?
It's obvious you're copying. All you did was reword it.
Find something to do or I'll be forced to un-follow you...or even worse, REPORT ABUSE.


17 July 2010

Pharrell Williams- "I'll be 40 in 3 years"

Often times I would see people's blogs and they'd show Pharrell as one of their inspirations. Then I would be like "Why come so many people look up to this man?" I heard that he was smart, but I didn't realize how IDK informed he really was. I was watchin the K!dult video on Diggy's blog and I was just intrigued by so much stuff he said. He said that there's no such thing as "having nothing." We as Americans look at living in a ratty apartment, and a raggedy car as having nothing. But people in 3rd world countries would love to live in our "ratty apartments" and drive our "raggedy cars." They don't even have floors! And they have to travel miles and miles to get water that's not even clean. We're spoiled. He said that nothing is "deep space with no stars." That's powerful. We don't live in deep space with no stars. So I think for now on, I'm going to stop conplainin about the stuff I don't have. Because people in other countries would love to have what I have.  

Within My Soul...

When people look directly at my eyes, it makes me nerves. I guess I feel like, if you look me in the eyes, you can see into my soul. And if you can see my soul, you can see all my stuff. All of my insecurities, and all my secrets. I'm no longer able to hide them. I guess this comes from me reading other people eyes. Eyes tell everything. And so does body language. A person may be saying one thing through their mouth, but I know the real story. It's like, I can look other people in the eye, but they can't do me. Because this means that, you see me. You can see the scared little girl hiding in the corner, me.

16 July 2010

Most common Lie

You know what the most common lie is?

How many times has someone asked you "What's wrong" and you say "Nothin'" and you know good and well you not? You're lying. That's a lie. If  a person can see on your face that there is something wrong with you: There's something wrong with you.

How many times has someone asked you whatswrong this week? Yesterday? Today? We need to stop lying so much. If you don't wanna talk about it, just say I don't wanna talk about it. This way, you can stop cuttin your life short.

Take Me places I've never been

Idiotic Things People Do...

So, For a Second I was having a little trouble finding something to blog about. That's part of the reason why I didn't blog yesterday. It was also because I'm trying to get off this DARN Staunton Island on Grand Theft Auto 3. But anywho...I was on google and decided to search "cool tattoo girl". Then, I searched "best spot tattoo girl", then I searched "behind the ear tattoos" and found this dumb man who decided to put a CUP in his earlobe. What an idiot. So...thanx to him, I'm gonna make fun of people who do dumb things to their bodies. SMH.

You IDIOT! Do you NOT know how dumb you look?

Here's another dumb-dumb. In the first picture, his ears were normal. Now, in the second, he has elf ears. ...STUPID

OMG! Do you know how dangerous that is. Don't come to St.Louis, cuz you'll SURELY leave without an ear if you get in a fight. Matter of fact, don't go nowhere with that thing and start a fight.

So...I guess you don't plan on getting a job huh?

The picture above reminded me to tell everybody not to go see "Prince of Persia" Yesterday, or the day before yesterday, my sister said she wanted to go see that movie. Then, my daddy was like, "Prince of Persia? That's about THE DEVIL" He said Prince of Persia is another name for The Devil in The Bible. So I guess if you like, worship Lucifer then go right ahead. And also let me remind you to click on the X at the top right hand corner. Or if you're a MAC click on the red dot in the top left hand corner. Cuz yeah, Ion't do that devil stuff.

Hmm. I seem to have gotten side tracked.

SMH. I pray that these are fake. Why would you do this to a LITTLE GIRL!? And she got piercings! But I must admit, even though I HIGHLY disapprove of this, she looks cute with her eyebrows and lip done. But, I still disapprove.

hm. Well thats all.

14 July 2010

Frog on my Window...

How did he get up there????

I hope he'll be okay because earlier there was kind of a large spider spinning his web in that exact place

Diddy Beats

I wanted me some Diddy Beats just becoz, well I need some new earphones and just cuz they're by Diddy. So, I searched them on the web and found that they like $180. I'm not finna spend that much money for some earphones that do they same thing as the rest of'em! I would have to be insane.
So I think I'mma just get some skull candy cuz they cute and not as expensive. Even apple is through the roof. I think I saw somewhere that the Diddy Beats have like beats in them or something. Whatever the cause, I feel like I'm payin for Diddy's name. And yeah I'm not gone do that. Ion't even like his music.

"The Sound of Life"
I can hear life just the same in some $19.99 Skull Candy

Just the same as Skull Candy minus the skull plus "db"

These are kinda dope.
How do I plug them into my iPod?

These are dope too
These are Gaga's
I guess I would buy these simply because they're different.
I guess they're called...Gaga Beats? ha.!
nevermind me...


The same thing I thought...the same thing.

So yesterday...
I watched the season finale of The Hills. It was just a bunch of gud'byes and stuff. Kristen said she was movin to Europe...I'm not gone even comment on that.
Lo and her boyfriend are in love and stuff. His name is Scott. He told her that he wanted to spin the rest of his life with her. I thought that was sweet. It's kinda rare to hear that on that show. Most of the time, the guys try and act like they're all "PlayERz" And the poor Hills girls fall for them -->Kristen<--
But I like Kristen though and I hope she finds whatever she's looking for. But I just don't think that it's in Europe. 
Then, on the after show, Kristen said she decided she's going to live in London. IDK. I just feel like, Kristen is too wild for London. I think they'd look down on her. Kristen needs to grow up a little bit I think. Heidi's sisteerrrr....Holly? She started cryin about never seein her sister because they had showed a video of Heidi BEFORE Spencer. She looks way better before all the plastic surgery. I think Spencer is the cause for all that. If Spencer never came, Heidi and Lauren would still be friends and she'd probably look the same. Not...PLASTIC.
Oh.! && did I mention the ending? Oh my God, so Brody was watchin Kristen as she drove off. They had the sad music playin and he was lookin all sad and stuff, and then, the back ground like,...rolled away. They were on set! The crew or whatever started rollin the set away. I was so upset. Now I feel like, those tears I had were wasted. I felt for Kristen. && it could all be a lie. (And yall know how I feel about liars.) But during the after show, Kristen and Brody said that the feelings they showed were real. So yeah. Whatever. I still feel like I wasted my tears.

In other news...

I missed Pretty Little Liars because The Hills was on at the same time. I could've watched the second half but The City came on after The Hills. I think I would've normally changed the channel because that show bores me. But...that one lady...Whitney's boss...got mad at Whitney because she felt like she betrayed her. How can you be so mean to someone so nice? (Whitney being the nice person)
She was like "blah blah blah she wears pink" (couldn't remember everything dragon lady said) and then I was like "And you wear ALL BLACK!" lol. That's what I wanted Whitney to say back to the dragon lady.

&& I think I'mma have to get that song by Hilary Duff. The theme song for Laguna Beach. I like that song.

13 July 2010

It's Barbie (Barbie, Barbie, Barbie)

Nicki Minaj does a spread for Black Men Magazine.
It kinda reminds of of Little Red Riding Hood minus the red riding hood...it's silver.
Check it out!

Tuesday Inspiration

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.”
-Charles R. Swindoll

Morning Breath

I heard through the grapevine <----- lame

I heard that Spain won the World Cup.
Congrats to the lucky country.

Cheer up America

Futbol aka soccer....is not our sport.
But let a country play us in some real FOOTBALL?
It's a wrap or rap?
Anyway these other countries should just forfeit.
Don't even try...cuz ya gonna lose!


12 July 2010

The Hills Series Finale

So tomorrow is the series finale of The Hills. I'm kinda sad because I've been watching these people for a long time. Like Laguna Beach long time. I remember when I first "met" Kristen Cavallari on Laguna Beach. I could not stand that girl. She was like THEE FEMALE DOG. And I loved Stephen and Lauren. I thought they were the cutest...couple? or whatever they were. I loved those two! I hated it when Stephen would run back and forth between Lauren and Kristen. I kinda like it when Lauren was with Jason. But then he started trippin again.
Does anybody else think Heidi and Spencer aka "Speidi" are crazy? Or is it just me? They need therapy and a couple other things. Especially Spencer. He needs to be in a psychiatric ward lol. Then, we were REintroduced to Kristen. I thought I would hate her like I did on Laguna Beach but I didn't. She wasn't that bad. I actually liked her. I thought it was funny how all the girls on the show had to have some sort of contact with Kristen. If they couldn't be her friend, then they had to be her enemy. As long as they were in her presence, they were okay, lmbo. 

11 July 2010

Rusty Set it Straight Hoodie

Style meets function. This hoodie comes with built-in, machine washable headphones that are compatible with most devices. Grab yours today!

New Page

So yesterday I told you guys to "hype" me on the side bar. I've decided to generate an entire page to my looks on lookbook. The name of the page is entitled "!Hype Me!" So just cick on that and hype away! LOL. Every hype is well appreciated. OuO

10 July 2010

The end of a Chapter...

I just got through watchin High School Musical 3 on disney channel and something click'd in my head...I'm movin out next August. And, I guess for most people that's exciting. And it is for me too but, that'll also mean that I could do somethin that would COMPLETELY destroy my life. Such as, meeting the wrong people, sleepin with the wrong dude, goin to the wrong party. All this scares me! I don't believe in actin like somethin I'm not. I don't wanna pretend like I'm all mature or "holier than thou"...cuz I'm not. I'm a 17 year old girl who is terrified of what's next. I don't like not knowin what's going to happen. It's like, yesterday I was 3 years old watchin Barney...and today I'm lookin at colleges to go to. I AM excited, but I'm also scared because..I don't wanna mess up. I just pray that God keeps me as I move forward. And that I don't meet the wrong people, and that I don't make dumb decisions.


Recently I joined a "Community Site" called lookbook. You may have heard of it? Well anyway, I'm asking everyone to PLEASE press the hype button. Over to the right of my blog, there will be a photo of me and above the photo it says "Press Hype!" All you have to do it click on the number below the photo. If you're not a member of lookbook, you can still hype me if you have a facebook, twitter, tumblr, myspace and a couple other sites. Your HYPE will be well appreciated!

09 July 2010

Morning Breath

So this morning I wake up to gloomy skies and a itchy tragus.
No actually, the itchy ear WOKE ME UP.
I think I may have laid on it too much because when I woke up I was laying on my right side (the side I got pierced).
So I had to GET UP and run down stairs (because my momma was using the upstairs bathroom) && clean my ear. I had a tad-bit of blood...just a tad.

In other news...

After waking up at like 6:50-somethin this morning I couldn't go back to sleep. So I started wondering what was an Edina Hornet. (BTW I have an Edina Hornets shirt I sleep in that I never stopped to wonder where it came from or who or what it was.) So I went on google and found that there is an entire school somewhere in Edina, Minnesota named Edina High School. They're supposedly BEASTS in anything sport. But my thought is, how did I get this shirt? I've never been anywhere near Minnesota. HECK I live in St.Louis! IDK. I'm guessin they did really good in sports a couple years back and word travelled around THE ENTIRE NATION and thats how I got the shirt. I got the shirt I think when I was still in elementary school. It seems like we were in a Wal Mart and I like "fell in love with the shirt"...at Wal Mart. (cough-cough DIRTY) So yeah, I think that's how I got my very own Edina Hornets t-shirt. LOL.

08 July 2010

Trip ain't Trippin

  1. Dude can rap his BUTT OFF
  2. He's Christian (a TRUE Christian. He just don't "believe in God")
I remember the first time I heard his last album (20/20) I loved every song. A little while later I got my iPod for Christmas and bought the WHOLE album off of iTunes. And now Trip Lee has done it again. Another AMAZING album! I like rappers that actually "say sum"...ya know? Trip Lee is a TRUE CHRISTIAN RAPPER. He ain't fakin, he ain't tryna be in with the in crowd. And he not scared to say he in love with Jesus Christ. That's Awesome!!!

My favorite song off album so far!

Yall bettah recognize.

06 July 2010

Love at FIRSTsight?

How can a person love someone they don't even know? How can you say you love me? "Love at first sight" is not real. In fact, its called "being intrigued". That's all. You were just amazed or in awe of they're appearance. You don't know anything about that person except for how they look. IDK. It bothers me when people say "I loved you the first time I saw you" blah!blah!blah! No you didn't! 
The only reason why God loved us is because he made us and knew who we were. In fact: My bible my bible says: before I formed you in the womb I knew you (Jeremiah 1:5). He knows who we are before we are even conceived. He KNOWS us. That's why he loves us. A person on the street doesn't know who you are. He just saw your face or whatever you were showing on the street.
Now don't get me wrong, I do believe in love, just not at first sight.

Tuesday Inspiration


Every Tuesday I'll do an "Enlightenment post". It may be music, it may be quotes. Idk. You'll know what it is when it gets posted.

04 July 2010

Lesson Learned

One thing I always struggle with is the couage to keep going. It's like, anytime I feel any type of pressure, I'm ready to stop. That's not a good habit. Matter of fact, that's a TERRIBLE habit. But I don't like to fight. It doesn't matter if it's physical, mental, or verbal. I DON'T WANNA FIGHT. This year, I joined my school track team. Track is a very demanding sport. It takes up all of your time. Once you join, it's like, everything you do is centered around running. I HATED the work out. But after practice, I would feel so good, even though I was sore.
I had to learn how not to give up. I learned that, being tired doesn't give you a reason to stop. Sometimes I would be running, and my legs would be tired and my chest would hurt, and mouth would be dry, and sometimes I'd get dizzy. But I didn't stop. Sometimes...ALL THE TIME, I would be nervous before a meet. And I would be itchin to get out of the race because I was scared that I wouldn't make it, or that I would be behind the crowd. But when I would start runnin, every fear that I had had vanished. And I was no longer nervous. All I was thinking about was getting ahead of my opponent. Then, the next thing I know I'm leading the crowd or it's me and one other person FIGHTING for first place. I loved running and I knew that i couldn't stop. Because if I stopped, everybody behind would pass me up. And that's when I'd lose. Because I stopped and I didn't pass the finish line. You can't just stop in the middle of a race. Coming in 6th place doesn't make you a loser. Quitting does. I'd rather come in last, than not finish a race.
Track has been more of a mataphoric lesson for me. I may not be the fastest or strongest runner on the team. And that's okay. I believe God was teaching me a lesson. He was telling me not to quit, because quitting makes you a loser. You never know how good you may be at whatever you're afraid of. The key is trying even if you're scared: DON'T QUIT. Me and my relay team won a medal! FIRST PLACE! I rememeber worrying about that race. Thinking I wasn't good enough. Thinking I would slow the team down. But I did alright. I'm so proud of myself. I learned not to give up. That's something I struggle with:GIVING UP. I think I give up because, I fear that I won't be good enough. So I just stop. I think, "if I don't do it, I can't be bad at it. I can't mess up." But, God has shown me that, giving up is worser than not trying. You don't know what'll happen. Just have faith that you can make it. Have faith that you are good enough.

This is the song I listen to before I run

03 July 2010

Travis Barker

I just love this man's body art.
It goes with him :D

02 July 2010

Cut off jeans shorts

So I  think I'm gonna cut me up some shorts. I been needin some anyway and seein as I still don't have a job, I don't have any money go to buy some. But I was thinkin, should I cut them to the length I want so they'll have that "frayed" look. Or should I cut them longer and fold them up shorter. IDK. Either way, they'll still be "destroyed denim", or should I do "repaired denim"? Huh.! So many decisions to make. IDK. Maybe I'll just cut up two pairs of jeans that way I'll have both. IDK.

Here are some ideas.
Cut off fold shorts from Hollister

Cut off frayed shorts from Pacsun

I think I like these better from Pacsun