21 July 2010


Recruiting followers is like the hardest FLIPPIN thing to do.! If I didn't curse I woulda cursed just then. But anyway, I only have 8followers. That's so lame. Am I that bad of a writer? ugh. How depressing.

Don't you hate it when people get mad at you for getting mad at them for talking to you when you don't feel good? Or like, they try to HOLD A CONVERSATION with you as you're sleeping? omGod.! That urks my soul. Leave me alone!!

Now that I've gotten that outta my system...

For those of you who are reading this and thinking "when the heck did I start following "Undescribably Thinkable" this blog was originally entitled "LaLa_Indeed" remember? I changed it because I didn't like that name. The title should draw people. LaLa_Indeed sounds like something else. So, we'll see how many followers I'll recruit with this new title. Also, I'm changing a few other things with my blog. It's too dark around here.

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