16 July 2010

Idiotic Things People Do...

So, For a Second I was having a little trouble finding something to blog about. That's part of the reason why I didn't blog yesterday. It was also because I'm trying to get off this DARN Staunton Island on Grand Theft Auto 3. But anywho...I was on google and decided to search "cool tattoo girl". Then, I searched "best spot tattoo girl", then I searched "behind the ear tattoos" and found this dumb man who decided to put a CUP in his earlobe. What an idiot. So...thanx to him, I'm gonna make fun of people who do dumb things to their bodies. SMH.

You IDIOT! Do you NOT know how dumb you look?

Here's another dumb-dumb. In the first picture, his ears were normal. Now, in the second, he has elf ears. ...STUPID

OMG! Do you know how dangerous that is. Don't come to St.Louis, cuz you'll SURELY leave without an ear if you get in a fight. Matter of fact, don't go nowhere with that thing and start a fight.

So...I guess you don't plan on getting a job huh?

The picture above reminded me to tell everybody not to go see "Prince of Persia" Yesterday, or the day before yesterday, my sister said she wanted to go see that movie. Then, my daddy was like, "Prince of Persia? That's about THE DEVIL" He said Prince of Persia is another name for The Devil in The Bible. So I guess if you like, worship Lucifer then go right ahead. And also let me remind you to click on the X at the top right hand corner. Or if you're a MAC click on the red dot in the top left hand corner. Cuz yeah, Ion't do that devil stuff.

Hmm. I seem to have gotten side tracked.

SMH. I pray that these are fake. Why would you do this to a LITTLE GIRL!? And she got piercings! But I must admit, even though I HIGHLY disapprove of this, she looks cute with her eyebrows and lip done. But, I still disapprove.

hm. Well thats all.

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