31 October 2010

my heart lies within you...

thanx blogger for messing up the quality...
but anyway...I really love these shoes...btw, this is a photo I took of my own boots

26 October 2010

Short hair don't care


Don't you hate when you have something AWESOME to say then forget what it was?

I was going to write this poem yesterday but then...my computer started acting retarded so I got frustrated and x'ed out. I'll see if I can dig deep in my thoughts and scribbled it down so you guys can see/read it.

25 October 2010

Keri fave...

Keri Hilson Abs

Come Track season...
I'll have my Keri Hilson abs back...

Sheer Aggrivation

Thursday before last....
I gave my transcript request to this lady in the office. She was supposed to give it to this other lady or something so that she could mail it to Loyola.
TWO WEEKS LATER...my transcripts still aren't mailed in. You can just imagine how upset ANGRY I am right now. Like...there's smoke coming out of my ears. And.... I also gave the lady my letter of recommendation to the lady...still not in. Do these people not understand how important this is? Something told me not to give that lady my stuff...but I did it anyway because Loyola will only accept transcripts that were sent in by the high school. PLUS...my stupid school won't even give me my OWN transcript. So I had no other choice.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see what's going on with my transcript and stuff...and if I find that they lost my transcript...I just may have a fit....I just might...

23 October 2010

Striding for breast cancer walk

I was in Chicago last weekend. We did he cancer walk they have every year downtown. I remember my eyes welling up with tears. This has become something that I am really passionate about. Anytime I hear the word cancer all my attention goes right to that. I believe that I have something to do in that....

Click here to see Cassie's encounter with Breast Cancer

Silent Warning

It starts with a lump
Then a feeling of doubt
"Did I really just feel that?"
"No it couldn't be, breast cancer? Me? No. That couldn't possibly be what it is"
The month's pass by and the lump is still there.
In fact it feels bigger, and it hurts a little.

Sitting in a cold room
Thoughts pass by
What If?
I have cancer?
The diagnostics comes back,
"I'm sorry to inform you that you've been diagnosed with breast cancer"
What if...
I die?
Warm tears fall to the ground

It has a preference...
But it will not discriminate.
It doesn't prefer older people over younger people.
It comes with a silent warning...
Go it checked...

Fist Pumpin Music

22 October 2010

80's Hit

Although I don't agree with homosexuality...

I don't feel like bullying someone is the answer. I have never disliked a person because they were gay. If I dislike a person, and they just so happen to be gay, it's not because they're gay. It's because of their personality. Your sexuality has NOTHING to do with it.

I feel as though should NEVER happen whether you're gay, straight, tall, short, black or white. A person should never ever be bullied. People don't realize that bullying a person can lead to suicide. Leave people alone.

People who bully others don't nessisarily have low self-esteem. Some of these people have very high self-esteem and do it just because.

Back to what I initially was talking about...
No I do not agree with being homosexual. I do not believe that people are born gay. But, I have no problem having a gay friend. In fact, I have some.

I just wanted to let that out...

♥ love and fireflies

21 October 2010

20 October 2010

i guess this'll do

i was looking for the one when leonardo dicaprio puts his hand on the foggy/steamy window and slides his hand down. But, this'll do...i guess

Somewhere in Brooklyn

favorite part...

she was covered in leather and gold
twenty-one years old
i lost her in the cold
it's unfair, she's out there

other favorite part

oh oh oh oh oh
i wonder if we'll ever meet again
oh oh oh oh oh
i wonder if we'll ever meet again
yeah i wonder if will meet again
i hope we do somewhere in brooklyn
(starts at 2:30)

bruno mars

I haven't forgot

I'm still writing and editing my breast cancer poem thing.....It'll be here shortly.
Have patients

♥love & fireflies

I wrote this incredible essay...

I wrote this amazing admissions essay about how track changed my life. It's AWESOME. I would copy and paste it but then I just realized that we have people in this world who like to forge people's stuff. Soooo..I can't copy and paste it. But, I just thought I'd let you guy's know about it.

I just applied to UMKC and Mizzou....and last week, idk if I told you guys but I applied to Loyola University of Chicago....it's ironic because I was born in Loyola Hospital #shrug. I hope&pray I get accepted. Then, I could study to be a nurse and like, work in Loyola Hospital when I get my R.N papers or whatever...SPECIALIZED R.N that is.

I'm excited. I can't wait to blog inside of my dorm room.

btw...i like really need the lady in the main office to mail my transcripts and recommendation letter to Loyola. I'm about to give her 2 more transcript requests tomorrow. huh. Please hurry


just about 9pm

I wonder if the colleges I'm applying to are currently  reading my blog.
I hope it places a part in me getting accepted.
I think....that I show a lot of my good charcter on this blog...with a few exceptions.
I have nothing to hide



Have you ever had a headache that made you dizzy?

I have one of those now...

15 October 2010

I think I wanna see this only because Chris Pine is in it

UNSTOPPABLE: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Rosario Dawson, Ethan Suplee

Better yet, this looks like a really good movie. I think I'm gonna have to go and see it. But why not have some eye candy also. I hope there's white boys like that at Loyola I'll be at next fall. :D

am I enough?

am I good enough to look at
good enough to smile at
pretty enough to take out

am I enough to watch a movie with
am I enough to laugh with
am I enough to be loved

enough to propose to
enough to marry
am I good enough to move in with
worthy enough to mother a child

enough to grow old with
good enough to be buried next to
missed enough to be remembered

am I enough?


my mind is clouded with thoughts of what if's.  and my heart weeps a silent cry. a desperate cry.
my heart is heavy.
my head is dizzy.
my legs tremble under tons of pressure.
sinking into the ground like quick sand.
i see myself falling. failing.
from the outskirts of my forest, I see promise.
a promise that awakens the fight.
kicking and punching, He fights through my battle.

omG omG omG!!!!!!!!

Ralph Lauren releases a womens polo boot

The Quanita polo boot...

omGoodness...If I don't get these soon...I just may die of a heart break...

14 October 2010

Cool Dude...

Proud Moment...

I listened to Obama talk for a whole hour!

Politics bore me...greatly. That is the only reason why I never talk about anything political. During the election, I was trying to watch to see who would get elected, and I fell asleep. I tried really really hard to watch...but it was too difficult. I felt stupid because I missed an historical moment. but yeah anyway...

I meant to do the breast cancer post but, I stayed after school for this track meeting...not meat. That team has so much stress its not even funny. All I did was sit in my coaches class room with the rest of the team and I went home exhausted. It's too much drama. There's the TRACK STARS...then, there are the people who like to run but aren't the fastest people on the team. It shouldn't be that way. Now, it is inevitable that you will have people on any team that will do better than all the rest. But that doesn't mean that they have to go and make others feel bad about not being as good. You shouldn't have cliques within a team. So yeah. That's what happened to my post. I also applied to Loyola University Chicago yesterday. I'm so excited about that. I can't wait to do a post about my first day/night in my dorm room. #SOexcited.!

13 October 2010

look out for a FREE LANCE post 2day

When I get time today, I'm gonna do a post about breast cancer. I don't have time to think right now because I want it to be like really heart felt. Like, when you read it, I want you to cry. So yeah. Get your tissues ready.


I was on this blog called Morgarruya in my web design class and my teacher almost jumped out her skin when she saw a post of a tongue with a zipper on it...hahahahahahah! How funny. But I guess you had to be there.

12 October 2010

Someone who lies is a liar...

In a sense...
If you lied once, you are a liar


Someone who killed once is killer...right?
If I killed a person a long time ago. And I did my time and now I'm saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost, you would still view as a killer...right?

Therefore, someone who lied before, is a liar.

There CANNOT be a double standard. Someone who lies is a liar, someone who kills is a killer. [period]


If you were born again (you got saved...gave your life to God) You are no longer a liar, killer or whatever.

FACT: Your slate is not wiped clean until you give your life to God.

♥love & fireflies

09 October 2010

Wear Pink

On Wednesday everybody at my school is supposed to wear pink to support the fight against breast cancer. I hope people participate and I hope the boys don't get ignorant and say a real man doesn't wear pink. Of course I'll be wearing pink that day because I vow to fight for every victim and survivor of this horrible disease.


greasy faces :(

excuse the blur...

these were all i got..sorry

♥love and fireflies

06 October 2010

my temper

I don't know what it is...my temper has been really short lately.
I don't know if it's stress or because I'm tired of school but, I know I'm about ready to snap.
Don't be the IDIOT to say something stupid and be pickin yourself off the floor. I'm not the one. I promise to God. 'Cuz you don't know when I'mma snap.

these isn't towards any of my followers because I don't know you personally. It's to people I actually know...like in real life.

Facebook faces...

...I'ont got time

I turn my nose up at niggaz with attitudes
I'ont got time for your attitude
I'ont got time for your feelin's


that be with girls all the time
I'll leave that one alone.
But I will say this, who you hang out with is who you become...

I'ont got time for that "Girl!" mess
Get the HECK(censored) on!
I'ont got time that

I'm sick of these EAST niggaz.!

My bestfriend told me to post this...

so I did...

05 October 2010

"Just live your life and I'll live my life"

wtFIRETRUCK kinda statement is that? "Just live your life and I'll live my life" Who else life was I possibly living?! I swear, that lil girl know's how to make me mad. btw..."that lil girl" is my younger sister.

03 October 2010


I went to homecoming on yesterday. #shrug. It wasn't nothing to brag about. In all honesty, I could've saved my money and did something else. But I said wtHECK, it my senior year and I should go to these things. I don't wanna regret it when I get older.

"Ma?" -child
"yeah" -me
"How was your homecoming?" -child
"Oh, I never went to homecoming"-me

I'll upload what little pictures I did take. My sister made me drop the camera so it didn't work virtually the whole time we were there. She said it was both of our faults, I disagree. Why would you let go of the camera before it's all the way in my hand?...retard.

02 October 2010

01 October 2010

...these wicked ways

I must...
turn from my new ways
start an even newer way.

For my outbursts...
are not deserved by everyone.
Stress can be the death of any woman...

I take stress to the head like bullets
Then I remember...
the breast plate of righteousness,
my shield of faith,
and my helmet of salvation.

With these things,

Lil B


What kinda "god" gets punched in the face?...the ones who don't get capital G's.