27 September 2010


I've been busy.
What can I say?
I actually have a life.
-No offense to those who spend there live long day on the internet.

Last week though, I caught a little cold that wounded me enough to not want to do anything. So yeah. And like i said in an earlier post, school is starting to really pick up. I figured if I have time to get on here, I have time to study. Hey, precalc ain't no joke.

I think KU...Kansas University has become my first pick, or is it called top choice? IDK. Whatever. But is it bad that it's my first choice because I have a good chance of getting in? The required GPA is 2.5. I got that beat...3.65. My ACT scores don't really match there's but, the requirements said you can have a 24 on the ACT OR be in the  the top 1/3rd of your class....(I'm not sure if I'm in the 1/3...but I know for a fact that I'm in the top 10%)  OR  you can have a 2.5 GPA or higher. I also meet the curriculum requirements. All I need is my last math credit that I'm currently working on. But that's not the only reason. KU is like on of the best schools in the country I think for just about any health profession. They're also good in those "prefessional" careers like Premed, prevet, prelaw etc. I guess the only down fall is that it's in Kansas...the state. They have like cows and corn there. And the diversity isn't that diverse. Comfort is a big factor for me.

So yeah...that's what I've been up to lately. Planning for my future...I wish I could already be there...this is so stressful.

Kansas Univerisity: The JayHawk

21 September 2010

20 September 2010

19 September 2010

New iPod Nano

...this is basically the iPod Shuffle with a touch screen...so why not just call it a iPod Shuffle?

I have a tendency of taking DOPE pictures

You knooooowwwwwww.!

best budd

Chivalrous Culture

So I preORDER'd these things yesterday I think. hm. I don't even have the money. They're only $80 but, I only have $15. ha.! Then my mom was like, they're gonna come to our door and expect for us to pay for'em. lol. NUMBERone, I PREORDERED them. So like, that means that like, they're still, like, being made at the factory or whatever. And then like, when they're done being made, the company will email me that they're ready. And then, that's like, when I'll like, pay for them...over the internet. And then they'll deliver them to the house. smh.
Anyway...that Diggy kid got some style. These are dope. I see white skinnies and idk, a fitted button down (like this) except the same color as the shoes. #shrug. Can you dig-it? (best friend voice) 

I hope I don't cry on Tuesday

That would really suck. I'm not doing anything. I'll go to school, stress over pre-calc, come home, nap, homework, clean. Then, I'll probably go to this college thing they're having at central. #shrug. Like I've said in the past, I'm not a party person, but I would still like to do something. At least show that you're happy I'm alive #gosh.

I'm just so sick of this rut I'm ALWAYS in. It's like it never goes away. Like, you don't see you're child crying? You can't hear my tears fall from my face Lord? I feel like, you ignore me. Like everybody else has your attention except me. Not you too? You can't forget about me like all the others. You made me.

I really feel like crying right now. I'm so sick of this. I just wanna be happy. I'm tired of all these dumb tears that fall down my face. I'm tired of wondering why and not getting an answer. It's like, there's a crowd of people around me, and I cry out. But, nobody hears me. Nobody hears me screaming. Nobody sees me crying. Then suddenly, all the people disappear, and it's just me, by (myself).

16 September 2010


A cloak of darkness comes over me
Negative thoughts,
I can't see the light.

Show me the way, Oh Lord
For I have been blinded
What's in from of me I cannot see.

& doubt.
These are the thoughts that inhabit my mind.

15 September 2010

Changed my design again...

Once again I was in WEB Design and the computer were acting dumb. So we had another free day. In my boredom I decided to do my design over again. I guess I got sick of the green.


That gray dry looking thing on the left side is an elephant. I just named him Larry. So don't do my Larry.

1 down....56 more to go

yesterday I learned my social security number...finally.

I'm so proud of myself...lol


Favorite Comedian

He's only 20, and I'll be 18 next week :D

14 September 2010

I hope she cheat on you (with a Basketball player)



I tried to go last year, but sadly, my sister got so scared to started to gag...so we left.

Today's Annoyance...

Niggas who lie
-why is you lyin???

13 September 2010

I went through something similar to this

Matter of fact, this is what I went through, 'cept, he wasn't my boyfriend, he was my bestfriend. Even worse right?...I know
♥Love and Fireflies


You captivate me
Your touch fills me with an unexplainable emotion
Your smile, is endearing
I long for your contagious laugh, a laugh that echoes forever 
Your sweet kiss I dream of
I wonder if You're still with that other girl?


He's the cheese in my macaroni

18 next Tuesday...?

The count down end in 7 days
That's when I'll be 18
I feel 18 already
Even though I lack things an average 18 yr older should have
  • licence
  • car
  • job

12 September 2010

I Salute

Planes were crashed
Our air was filled with smoke.
Lives were lost,
Hearts were broken.
America was left in awe, confusion and sadness

To the victims,
I salute.
To the families,
I salute.
& To America,
 I salute.


I knew yesterday was September 11th, but I just didn't think to post anything. Sorry. I'll try and get some stuff today after church.

in other news...

Sorry for the lack of posting this month. School is starting to really kick in now. I'm trying to get these college and SAT apps done. I wish I was already accepted somewhere. But, all must realize, being destined doesn't mean you get to skip ahead.

♥love and fireflies

10 September 2010

Tonight's Dinner

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki w/rice and vegetables.
-Was is good?

I got somethin to say...

Today's Facebook status:
&& I hate when female get a job and a car and think they grown. Honey: Just 'cuz you gotta ole raggedy car and work at McDonald's don't mean you grown. You know how many females got jobs and cars and still can't take care of they self? #MONEY DON'T MAKE THE WOMAN. [MOE]

-ha.! you know you sayin somethin when niggas don't wanna like your status...excuse my language.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why people think money make the person.

FACT: Money can change a person.

When I say money don't make you, I mean like, your maturity level.


Bow Wow ain't grown and he had money since he was like 5 years old. Yes...he is like 20-somethin, but he act young. Soulja Boy...ain't grown...he only like 19 or 20. wtHECK.? But don't get me wrong, when I see money, I do get happy just like any other person, but havin money does not make me an adult. It's the way you act and handle your self in certain situations.

"You grown when you can pay some bills around here"...wtHECK.? Paying a bill does not make you grown. [PERIOD] It's girls and boys in third world countries who are considered "GROWN" and they don't pay bills, nor have they hit puberty.

Chicago:Labor Day Weekend (pics)

From left to Right: Jelisa (sister) Momma/mom/ma/mother, then Me

 Mom and Pop

Zoe Kravitz

Fe Fe Dobson

Doesn't she look like Teyana Taylor?

Tues. & Thurs.'s Pre-Calc Homework

A linear function f has the ordered pairs listed in the table. Find the slope m of the graph of f, use the table to find the y-intercept of the line, and give the equation that defines f.

95) 4 ≤ 2x + 2 ≤ 10
96) -4 ≤ 2x - 1 ≤ 5
97) -10 > 3x + 2 > -16
98) 4 > 6x + 5 > -1
99) -3 ≤ (x-4/-5) < 4
100) 1< (4x-5/-2) < 9


08 September 2010

Momma Said Knock You Out


With never ending highways and, 
never ending corn fields,
comes a pulsating migraine.

An unexpected pot hole,
brings a moment of unbearable throbbing.
The bright yellow sun shines, 
and the world turns black and unstable.

Corn stalks turn into old factories,
and blue skies turn gray with smog.
Streets are congested
and drivers act crazy.

Pot holes come more frequently,
and so does that dreadful strike.

The car comes to a stop,
and everything is silent.

Up the elevator,
and through the halls.
There's a door,
slide in the key.
The light turns green,
and the door opens.

Advil is swallowed,
and heavy eyes are shut.

Mansion w/o Makeup

This is indeed...Marilyn Manson

Where was I you ask?

Oh.! I went out of town. I didn't even know that I was going out of town until like the day before we left. Sorry. You don't know how desperate I was to post stuff. I got some free lance to put down so look forward to that.


Oh.! Pictures, lots and lots of pictures. We stayed at the Hyatt McDonald's in Chicago. It was nice.

In other news...

Currently recovering from filling out SAT apps. (ugh)

04 September 2010

!!Attention Followers!!

Everyone please follow this amazing poet
Truthfully, Mo
I'm following, she's dope

I hate it when

People don't give God his credit. Who are you to not acknowledge him. How can you give God too much credit? da'hck.!? I know I'm not on my P's and Q's, but I give God thanks. Heck, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here. Like there wouldn't have even been a such thing as me. I shouldn't even have been conceived. BUT GOD.! Yall better recognize. Da'hck kinda statement is that? "You givin God too much credit" These people urk my soul.


Who says beauty doesn't have dark skin?
Who says beauty is thin?
Who says beauty has long hair?
Who says beauty can't be heavy?
Who says beauty is dainty?
Who says beauty wears high heels?
Who says beauty doesn't have tattoos?
Who says beauty  has green eyes?
Who says beauty is whatever society said it is?

02 September 2010

Newest Downloads

Currently Downloading

  1. Huey-Smile and Wave ft. Dourrough
  2. Miquel- All I want is You- ft. J.Cole
  3. Dourough- Get Big

Ode to Mr. Goodbar

Oh Mr. Goodbar
I smell your sweet chocolate.
I can't wait to open your yellow wrapper.
I dream of your nougaty goodness.
Hm. I think I'll have some now.

Ha.! Excuse me I'm bored

Dieing of Starvation in 4th Hour

My stomach growls
&& I feel lightheaded.
It's cold in this room
&& all I can't think of..
is food

Even though you're a D-A-W-G now, you're still cute


these are cute though
they're from Kitson

01 September 2010