31 January 2012

This is my ringtone...


Walking out of Wal Greens

So today, I walked up to Wal Greens to pick up vitamin c and some cold and flu medicine because I feel like I won't feel good tomorrow, and as I was walking out, a homeless man asked for a dollar for a hot dog. I ignored him. (sidenote: I only give money to people on the street when I feel lead to. Half of the "homeless folk" out on the street have more money than I do. So if God don't tell me to give money, I don't do it.) Anyway, as I walked away, he proceeded to give me a complement saying "You lookin good" ha! I must admit, it did make me smile, laugh actually, but that did not make me give him any money. I just realized that I didn't even have any cash on me anyway. 
Have a nice day :-)

28 January 2012

Photos of my boots I promised!!!!!

So, I tried to do this post via my phone...but I can't the photos to upload, and since I don't have a mini usb cable I can't do it the conventional way. Maybe I'll ask my roommate later.

Sorry to those of you who clicked on this post hoping to the pictures of my boots.

11 January 2012

Keep fighting, I'm a vessel full of power...

So my theme song used to be a song by a woman named Maurette Brown Clark called "It ain't Over". During that time, mother was fighting cancer and I was healing from a past relationship. This song also helped when I used to run track in high school. I would literally play this song the ENTIRE day until it was time for me to run. If you guys remember, I used to run the 4x400m relay, which was the very last race. This song literally speaks to my soul and I pray that this song does the same for you.

Nowadays, my theme song is a song by a man named Micah Stampley called "The Corinthian Song." This song also speaks to my soul. This is the way I've felt about myself for quite some time. I'm a vessel, full of power with a treasure from the lord. I've learned not to let things discouage me because I know I have a greater purpose. You cannot end up from point A to point B without the process. Things that are meant to be do not come without a fight. This song encourages me and reminds me of who I am.

09 January 2012

It's a Girl! Blue Ivy

Beyonce and Jay Z welcomed a baby girl over the weekend. They named her Blue Ivy. For the record, I hope the child takes after Beyonce, and not Shawn Carter.

Have you guys heard that Blue Ivy backwards is Yvi Eulb which is latin for Lucifer's Daughter? I honestly feel bad for the baby because she hasn't even been alive for a week and there are already terrible rumors swarming around. I really hope that child has peace in her life. She shouldn't have to deal with this BS.

05 January 2012

Allen Stone- Unaware

This Song, is amazing, I'm not really sure of what he's talking about, but, it sounds good! haha! Enjoy.


So I decided that I'll give out my twitter. Just be mindful, that, I don't always follow back. If I know you in REAL LIFE, and I like you, then I'll follow back. Click @LaVoniaBembry

Me lately...

Check my boots <---- Bakers, Eagle Peak 3 I'll upload pictures of those later
Those glasses aren't perscription
I think I'm gonna pick up a lighter colored trapper hat because after I got that one, I realized that my hair blends in with it, so I think I'll get one that doesn't camouflage my face.

NBA is back!!

I know I'm a little late ont this post, and again, I do apologize, but yayyy! I thought I'd die if didn't get to see the Miami Heat play this season.

We're 6-1, darn Pacers.

I must say, these two are a beautiful couple.

Oh and this is us,  smashing Dallas Christmas day :-)

haha! Lebron's Christmas spirited shoes


I've been gone for quite some time....

Let's see,
I've graduated high school, idk if I've blogged since then or not.
I attend University if Illinois at Chicago as a PREnursing major...

I'll try and be more faithful,

here's my tumblr though