The Before I die List

A list of things I wanna do before I die. I kinda got the idea from the show on MTV.

  1. Go to a Carnival with a boyfriend

  2. Go to a Major League Baseball game

  3. Ride The Bat Man at 6 Flags

  4. get my permit 3-11-11

  5. get my drivers license

  6. Go to a NBA game

  7. become either a nurse or a doctor of Oncology

  8. Buy a Mustang GT

  9. Buy a All Black Mayyyyyybach!

  10. fall in love 

  11. get married

  12. have a boy(Isaiah) and a girl(Halo)

  13. live in a 2 story condo (penthouse?)

  14. start a non profit organization against abortion in which we help single mother's and father's

  15. Find a name for my non-profit organization

  16. dye my hair light brown

  17. get my right eye brow pierced (maybe)

  18. own a pair a Jordan's

  19. own a pair of Air Force Ones

  20. start a trend

  21. bring Fila's back

  22. be friendly 

  23. get 100 followers

  24. go to homecoming 10/2/10

  25. be on MTV cribs

  26. be on a radio show

  27. have a radio show

  28. model for Calvin Klein

  29. go rock climbing

  30. adopt mini boxer and name him Rocky

  31. adopt a Siamese cat and call her Kat

  32. walk on the red carpet

  33. get a autograph

  34. sign a autograph

  35. learn how to ski

  36. learn how to snow board

  37. learn how to swim

  38. learn how to surf

  39. go on a thousand $ shopping spree

  40. be accepted into a university   UMKC-11/12/10, MIZZOU-11-20-10, UIC-1-11-11

  41. get a full ride at a university

  42. go to Paris

  43. be driven in a limo

  44. get a tattoo (maybe)

  45. give away millions of dollars

  46. build schools in 3rd world countries

  47. adopt an underprivileged child

  48. be a beast on the track

  49. have a awesome senior year

  50. buy all the kinds of grapes (except the hairy ones) and eat'em

  51. hug Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

  52. meet Travis Barker

  53. get an award on The BET awards for something

  54. tell Sandra Bullock "I love you", no homo

  55. get a Brazilian Bikini Wax

  56. buy a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback Bullitt

  57. Learn my social security number 9/14/10

  58. understand precalc