29 April 2010

The Queen is back!!!

For those of you who ACTUALLY know me, I am a Camera Feen. But for about 3 months or so, the camera had been missing. For three months I was unable to Release my creative mind. Everything was all bottled up inside of me. For 3 months me and my sister had been telling my daddy that we didn't have his camera and we didn't lose it. Then, Last Night, I was looking around my room for the remote. I started feeling around under my bed because sometimes the remote falls under there. As I was feeling around, I felt something familar under my fingers, Low and Behold it was the camera that we said we didn't have. So I felt kinda bad last night because we had it the whole time. I'm still not sure how the camera got under my bed, but it was.  Now you know, when I get home from practice, I'm takin that camera and going crazy. It's hard for a camera feen, lol. We can't just go cold turkey. I'll show the result of my overdose as soon as possible.

23 April 2010


If you haven't realized this by now, the biggest goal in my life is to inspire. I want to change someones life. It's something that I think about all the time. When I die I want the world to feel a loss. I don't want to have the average life. I want to travel, and meet people, change things.

Wish me Luck..!

Next week starting Monday I'll be fighting for my spot in the 4x4 since I haven't been to practice this week. Hopefully I won't be too out of shape. I wish there was a way for me run w/o  being injured afterwards. It gets annoying when you have to sit out of practice after every meet and then only get in only one practice before the next track meet. It's a never ending cycle. I feel like I'm behind the rest of the girls because I've been to less practices. But, this cycle will end soon because my shins will no longer hurt. I looked up shin splints on google and it said that the causes of them are old shoes (don't have that), not stretching properly (that's not my problem), or it could be the way I turn my foot when I run (this could be it!). I really have no way of stopping this though because when I run I'm not thinking of how my foot is turning. The only thing I'm thinking about maybe is keeping my stride up. But anyway! Wish me luck next week as I fight to win 2nd leg in the 4x4.

21 April 2010

Supra Cuban

I like these shoes. They are very simple.

Boredom in 1st Hour

(I couldn't find girls track)
(Go Ron!)
So...it's Wednesday, April 21, 2010...and I'm sittin in Mr. Farrar class bored. The one day I want something to do in this class, it ain't nothin to do!

In other news...
Yesterday 3 local high schools, Hazelwood East, West, and Central, ran...THE TRI-MEET. East ran a couple of races against themselves as other schools did. && one of east's BEAST'S(ME) was injured after her open 400m. She came in 3rd though.

Just kidding. But I did sit out for the rest of my races which I was upset about because the one I actually wanted to run, I couldn't. And I really did come in third, almost had second but i didn't have enough kick left. That morning I started off with FOUR races, open 100m, open 2, open 4, and the  4x4<---- the one I wanted. If I hadn't of ran the open 4, I would have been able to run the 4x4.
&& Today...well...let's start with last night. Last night I barely slept because my shins were throbbing! Then! They went from throbbing to this constant pressure that stayed there for hours. I got out the bed at 2:47, (thinkin it was like 5am) to use the restroom. But I didn't walk to the bathroom...I CRAWLED! Then when I finally started to get some sleep, my alarm clock went off. By then, my shin weren't throbbing anymore but I still limped to the bathroom. Then I limped down stairs to get my clothes out the dryer. Then I limped back upstirrs (STL acsent) to my room to put my clothes on. Which is extrmely hard when one of your legs is good for nothin. Then I limped to the bus stop and on to school.

&& that was my day so far...

17 April 2010

B.o.B- Airplanes

I first heard Mr. Bobby Ray AKA B.o.B on BET's Monique Show. I liked the style of his music and how layed back it all sounded. So now, my NEW LOVE  is Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Pararmore. This song is DOPE yet, he still manages to keep it simple. I love the message of the song. There are more airplanes in the sky than shooting stars. And if I could make a wish to an airplane, life would be much easier. That's a whole lot of wishes Mr. B.o.B!

I also saw this one on youtube today...DOPE...listen

16 April 2010

Things iLOVE

  • iLOVE how the sky looks after a summer storm
  • iLOVE snickers and apple juice
  • iLOVE Pooch Hall <3
  • iLOVE watching a summer storm
  • iLOVE it when my daddy makes red beans & rice
  • iLOVE all of Sandra Bullock's movies
  • iLOVE the episode of SpongeBob when him and Patrick went to the hand carnival and they forgot to get off the bus and got stranded in another city.
  • iLOVE doing crunches and sit-ups
  • iLOVE the smell of my cucumber and green tea deordorant
  • iLOVE when I'm having a bad day and a boy gives me a hug
  • iLOVE "All the Way Turnt Up" by Roscoe Dash
  • iLOVE Hollister
  • iLOVE(D) it when Chris Brown was 16 and innocent
  • iLOVE the color blue
  • iLOVE Oreo McFlurries
  • iLOVE watching people at church shout
  • iLOVE going to the mall with lots of money 
  • iLOVE getting medals at track meets
  • iLOVE mini boxers
  • iLOVE the Apple and Raspberry Vitamin Water 
  • iLOVE Apple Pie
  • iLOVE Apple Strudel pop tarts
  • iLOVE anything with apples in it
  • iLOVE my red iPod
  • iLOVE 1/2 days of school
  • iLOVE playing video games all day with my daddy
  • iLOVE my Mom, dad, and,...yes my little sister
  • iLOVE "Halo" by Beyonce
  • iLOVE my Ralph Lauren Polo Boots

15 April 2010

Things iHATE

  • iHATE when you are someplace quiet and some ignorant @#$ female start talkin all loud
  • iHATE when I'm sleep and my daddy come in my room and tell me to clean it up
  • iHATE when I'm  about to do something and my daddy tell me to do the same thing I'm about to do
  • iHATE when teachers get smart. I mean if this your job why are you gettin smart? Clearly I don't know if I'm asking you  
  • iHATE Father John's cough syrup
  • iHATE when I'm walkin in the hallway and somebody cut in front of me and start walkin slow
  • iHATE when it's passing time (during school) and people stop right in front of you to hug, or talk or whatever and make you late.
  • iHATE when a dude like you and you don't like him and he wanna hug you and talk to you
  • iHATE when a girl/boy like a girl/boy and the person being liked be mean to the person who like them. (sidebar- I never be mean to the dude who like me that I don't like. Only if they continuously don't take the hint and keep tryna talk to me)
  • iHATE when it's the weekend and your teacher asign some long assignment
  • iHATE when I'm on the track (GO EAST!) and somebody cut into my lane. btw- don't cut in my lane!
  • iHATE when I'm at a track meet and it's hot
  • iHATE how I feel after the 4x4...noodle legs
  • iHATE shin splints
  • iHATE when I'm watchin a movie, and people tell the story
Tomorrow I'll do an iLOVE list so those of you who read this don't think I complain all the time.

11 April 2010

Roger This...

&&Roger this...

If God be for me who can against me
If no weapon formed agianst me shall prosper

Who can say I won't make it
Who can say I'm not good enough
...Roger That?

&&even if I'm tired, I'll keep my stride up
&&even if I can't see myself makin it to the finish line
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
...Roger That?