21 April 2010

Boredom in 1st Hour

(I couldn't find girls track)
(Go Ron!)
So...it's Wednesday, April 21, 2010...and I'm sittin in Mr. Farrar class bored. The one day I want something to do in this class, it ain't nothin to do!

In other news...
Yesterday 3 local high schools, Hazelwood East, West, and Central, ran...THE TRI-MEET. East ran a couple of races against themselves as other schools did. && one of east's BEAST'S(ME) was injured after her open 400m. She came in 3rd though.

Just kidding. But I did sit out for the rest of my races which I was upset about because the one I actually wanted to run, I couldn't. And I really did come in third, almost had second but i didn't have enough kick left. That morning I started off with FOUR races, open 100m, open 2, open 4, and the  4x4<---- the one I wanted. If I hadn't of ran the open 4, I would have been able to run the 4x4.
&& Today...well...let's start with last night. Last night I barely slept because my shins were throbbing! Then! They went from throbbing to this constant pressure that stayed there for hours. I got out the bed at 2:47, (thinkin it was like 5am) to use the restroom. But I didn't walk to the bathroom...I CRAWLED! Then when I finally started to get some sleep, my alarm clock went off. By then, my shin weren't throbbing anymore but I still limped to the bathroom. Then I limped down stairs to get my clothes out the dryer. Then I limped back upstirrs (STL acsent) to my room to put my clothes on. Which is extrmely hard when one of your legs is good for nothin. Then I limped to the bus stop and on to school.

&& that was my day so far...

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