15 April 2010

Things iHATE

  • iHATE when you are someplace quiet and some ignorant @#$ female start talkin all loud
  • iHATE when I'm sleep and my daddy come in my room and tell me to clean it up
  • iHATE when I'm  about to do something and my daddy tell me to do the same thing I'm about to do
  • iHATE when teachers get smart. I mean if this your job why are you gettin smart? Clearly I don't know if I'm asking you  
  • iHATE Father John's cough syrup
  • iHATE when I'm walkin in the hallway and somebody cut in front of me and start walkin slow
  • iHATE when it's passing time (during school) and people stop right in front of you to hug, or talk or whatever and make you late.
  • iHATE when a dude like you and you don't like him and he wanna hug you and talk to you
  • iHATE when a girl/boy like a girl/boy and the person being liked be mean to the person who like them. (sidebar- I never be mean to the dude who like me that I don't like. Only if they continuously don't take the hint and keep tryna talk to me)
  • iHATE when it's the weekend and your teacher asign some long assignment
  • iHATE when I'm on the track (GO EAST!) and somebody cut into my lane. btw- don't cut in my lane!
  • iHATE when I'm at a track meet and it's hot
  • iHATE how I feel after the 4x4...noodle legs
  • iHATE shin splints
  • iHATE when I'm watchin a movie, and people tell the story
Tomorrow I'll do an iLOVE list so those of you who read this don't think I complain all the time.

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