30 June 2010


So just a few minutes ago I was on this girls page (who ii DO NOT LIKE...at all) She was talm'bout track on her page. One thing I can TRULY say about myself is that I'm not a hater. If you a beast, then you a beast. This girl is soooo dope on that dawg-on-track. && I just found out that she run the 4! OH MY GOD that's my race! This means that I'll have to compete with this girl to get a spot on the 4x400, or even the open 4<---which I hate because you gotta start on blocks. UGH. Lord ii need YOU right now. Like right now...cuz I don't think I'm good enough. I just started runnin my junior year. Now I'm going to be a senior with only one year of experience runnin against girls who been runnin since birth. Ion't know. I'm really thinkin about not even runnin this year. I run a 1:13. That's HECKA slow. The girl I was talm'bout runna 57...57 seconds! Huhhhh!! I can't do it....I can not do it. I don't think I'm good enough. Ohhhh God please carry me on the track this season...an NO injuries. Please.

29 June 2010

Nas & Damian Marley- Africa must Wake Up

I think this album is widely underlooked. Radiostations constantly try and hide the REAL music. This few songs I've acually heard by these two are actually saying something.
Look forward to me posting more by these two.

28 June 2010


How could you be such a LIAR?
I asked you
...&& you told me NO.
And you tell me NO?!
I don't think I can ever trust you again
Because you lied,
I now wonder of all the other things you could have lied to me about
That's the only thing I think about now when I see you're "innocent" face
You trust your friends over me?
How did you get this way?
Who did this to you?
You lied to me...
You lied?
I'm in S H O C K
...complete&&utter, unadulterated
I don't understand why you would lie about that
Why would you lie about that?
Because I make you feel guilty?!
You should feel guilty!
 You think lying will make the guilt go away?
Now you got TWO things to be guilty about...
Beyonce- Beautiful Liar ft. Shakira

24 June 2010

Go Team USA!!...&& Italy

So like...right now I'm watching the World Cup with Italy and Slovakia...Czechoslovakia?...Anything the score is 1 to 0 w/Slovakia in the lead. I really didn't know which team to go for so I just chose Italy because I like blue and I think Italians are WAY CUTER!

In other news...

Yesterday Team USA fought a gruesome match...

Did I tell you guys I got my tragus pierced?
Well I did.!

21 June 2010

Eminem Recovery!!!

Currently Previewing on iTunes...
  • Not Afraid
  • Love the Way you lie
  • Untitled
  • Cold Wind Blows
  • 25 to Life
Maybe Favorites
  • No Love
  • Cinderella Man

He is an amazing lyricist. I like when rappers actually can rap. I would say Eminem is a poet. Not your average rapper who talks about "gettin money && girls"

New Stuff!!!

Over the weekend ii got my "tragus" pierced! It didn't hurt all that bad. It was really quick. The worst part was when he was putting in the earring and taking out the needle. He kept pulling on my ear!

Here's a photo


Yesterday...Sunday...Father's Day

My daddy bought a new game for the PS2. Yeah I know we still havn't upgraded.
But anyway...it's called Urban Reign. Now I have something to take my boredom  out on.

It's fun...but I'm gonna have to take some time to used to the controls. The main character...Brad...likes to stagger when he gets hit...EXTREMELY nerve racking.

16 June 2010


This album is whack. I wish they would stop soopin' that boy head up. I never really have liked Drake aka Aubrey Graham AKA Jimmy from Degrassi {music wise}. I was highly disappointed. The media is makin er'body {St.Louis Accent} think that this man is like UTTER DOPENESS. But he not, well not in my opinion. In my opinion...he "spittin" nothin real. He talm'bout the same thing er'body else talm'bout just with a mellow tone. I actually can't wait 'til T.I come out with his album. I LOVE his lil facial expressions! Now he and B.o.B are the realest rappers alive. And!...I'm also lookin out for Miss Nicki Minaj album, and Teyana Taylor. I know some of yall don't like Teyana...but I do. That girl can sing her butt off. And she can rap?...and dance?....Yall betta RECOGNIZE! One night she recorded herself and a producer doin a song called Mystery Lover. They came up with the song just off the top of they head. The producer was makin' a beat and then Teyana just start singin a melody to the beat. OH MY GOD! It was soooooo.....beautiful. LOL. Then she put words to the melody, and I liked to fainted.  But then she deleted the video off of her ustream page so we can't hear it anymore. Before she started doin the song...she was talm'bout this dude she liked and stuff. I'm not gone put my girl out. But that's prolly why she deleted the video. And so other artist don't steal her stuff like...eh hem....KELLY ROWLAND. But anywho, look out for Teyana cuz she's a BEAST!

14 June 2010

Teenage Luv Affair...

&& ii imagine kissing you would be like the breeze before a summer storm
Calm, but exciting
You would touch my face sofly, with your masculine fingers
you'd come closer && our noses would touch
and my heart would begin pound...
 my eyes would close softly, anticipating your soft lips
Ours mouths opened, and our lips brushed one another...
Your dark-hazel eyes open
and my dark eyes opened too
I'd look down to see my legs moving forward
our bodies touched
&& my heart beat even faster
You'd wrap one arm around my small waist
&& ii'd placed my hand lightly on your pounding chest

Your warm lips? they'd taste of honey
 && my body would moan as your hands grip my waist
 You'd kiss me once more
and we'd touch noses
&& then...
I'll smile, you'll smile back

-Teenage Luv Affair

Rhymefest - Classics ft. Mario

Morning Breath: Did uU Know???

Okay so this morning ii was daydreaming and started to wonder wrether or not a shark was a FISH or a MAMMAL. At first ii was like, "Well it's a fish because it has gills" then ii was like "do sharks have live births or do they lay eggs?" then ii finally googled it.
  • most sharks have live births but some lay eggs at the bottom of the ocean
  • sharks are fish simply because they have gills
Whales on the other hand are mammals because they have live births and breath in air/oxygen through their blowhole.

Hahahha! I just thought i'd show the nerd in me this morning lol.
omg! look at that thing?!

12 June 2010

All Black Mayyyyyyybach!!

The Maybach Exelero






02 June 2010

Morning Breath at 12:33

SO like. I've been puttin in job app.....well I've been trying to put in apps but I still havn't learned my Social Security Number. So yeah. But no worries. I'll learn it soon. I'm tryna work at White Castle 'cuz they make STUPID $$MONEY$$. I'm also lookin at Pizza Hut and KFC.
So I know yall have heard of those new "KIN" phones...right?...At first they thought they were cheap like CRICKET and some of the other cheapos. But then I was surfin around on Verizon and saw they have a "KIN 2" This one is bigger like most touch screens. So you know....when I get my job up at White Castle I'mma be gettin that. It's only 79.99