18 February 2012

Whitney Houston

I swear whenever I hear that woman's voice it sounds like the gates of heaven are open. I feel like, even if you don't believe in God, once you hear that woman sing, you may have to second guess your unbelief. Often times when people with such a great annointing/gift when they die, I have a hard time excepting the fact that they're dead.

Nontheless! We love you Whitney. I wish I could have met you to tell you how influential your voice is and to also thankyou for bringing "church" to all the non believers.

09 February 2012

Theo, Beats, iPod

This was taken on my phone. It had a blur setting, and then I went on picnik and played with the highlights and shadows. Meet Theo, my fish.

Same photo, different highlights.

06 February 2012

I've been told...

That I resemeble this GORGEOUS woman...how flattering!

Valentines Weekend...

So this weekend is Valentines weekend with the actual holiday on Tuesday (sidenote: Why is Valentines always on Tuesday? Doesn't it seem like that to anyone else?) Every year, I plan to be depressed and cry like the other what, 90% of the girls in America because I never have/had a valentine. But, this year, I still don't have a valentine but I honestly do not plan on being depressed. I will be happy in myself and maybe I'll buy myself a snicker! haha! No seriously, I plan on being extremely happy whether or not I have a valentine. I hope everyone else has the same philosophy as I do.

love and fireflies ♥

Me today

Poor Quality

Boots!!!!!!!!!!! Finally. :-)