25 February 2011

Whose the guy

Whose going to love me?
Whose the guy whose gonna hold me when I cry
and wipe the heavy tears from my eyes?
Whose gonna find out who made those, heavy tears fall from my eyes
and make them beg for forgiveness?

Whose the guy who will go out of his way to make sure I'm okay
and call me at night to make sure I'm alright
and text goodnight and good morning.

Whose the guy?
Where are you I can find you.
Thoughts pass through my brain
is his thinking of me?
Does he think the same way I think?

Where are you I can't see you because my eyes have been blinded by the blood shed of my broken heart and the tears of my, hollow eyes.

Whose gonna love me?
Whose the guy who'll breath life back into my lungs like the gusty winds of Chicago?
Whose the guy that will hold my hand as we pass through a crowded room
and give me his jacket because I'm cold
and give me his last bit of his food?

Whose the guy that will break his neck for me
jump in front of of bullet for me
and, whose gonna be the one to pull the umbrella over my head as it rains
and fix that strand of hair that never wants to stay in place.
Whose gonna stay up all night with me and fight with about my, lack of couage
and, tell me not to give up when I feel like throwing in the towel because that last test knocked me off my feet.

Where are you?
I can find you
I can't see you because my eyes have been blinded by all the many lies of the adversary that also weigh upon my heart and, cause it to fall limp.

Where are you? I can't find you.
I can't see you.
Whose the guy that's gonna love me?

22 February 2011

Really? Really!?

So, apparently, Bieber cut his hair and he lost like 82,000 followers...

This song

I especially like the little "eskimo nose kiss". I think it's really cute. Seems like something I would do if I had someone to do it to.

Feel Love (Feat. J. Cole) BMF
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Can't find the proper title for this

17 February 2011

09 February 2011

Belief System

I believe in Christ, not myself
Soulmates, not love at first sight
Heaven and Hell, not a 2nd life

08 February 2011

boring life

My life is kinda boring right now. If you were wondering what was going on with me not posting any freelance, it's because nothing is going on in my life worth writing about.
Guess that's kinda good seeing as I mainly write about heartbreak...no more heartbreak. Hey! Maybe, if I ever get a boyfriend, I'll write about him!



...this looks fake.

LOL Today

Today, "The State" came to my school and as you can probably guess, all the teachers were acting extra peachy. Even the lunch ladies, and man, were acting polite.

Evidently we're about to lose accreditation and so everybody is (slight grammar error I believe) trying to save us. Lucky for me, I graduate this year so if this does happen, it won't happen this year. Bad for my sister though.

Wish I knew how to dance...

I feel like...i dance kinda stiff

MJ vs some celtics cat

07 February 2011

Super Bowl

Every year, I always choose which team I want to win based off of a few things
  1. Cutest players
  2. prettiest colors
  3. and if they are the under dogs or not
Since I don't actually watch football like that,...I don't actually have a favorite football team. #shrug. Last night, while I was slowly dieing from this dreadful cold, I chose the Green Bay Packers because I thought #21 was cute. Sad he got hurt. And even sadder I forgot his name. lol. And, they won! It always seems like the team I want to win never wins. But, they won this year. So yeah #BOW

Charles Woodson is the name...

02 February 2011



Obama Obama Obama Oba Oba Obama Obama

Lupe Fiascco

He go! He's one of the few artsit out nowadays that are actually sayingsomething

Here's another, dude talks about why he didn't vote for Obama


Africa- More than what you see