31 December 2010

Top Favorite Albums and/or songs of 2010

Of course Nicki made the cut! OMG I love this album/cd whatever. I remeber when she first came out and I didn't like her because I thought she was nasty, which she was. IDK, maybe she toned down all the nasty stuff, or my tolerance for it has increased, nevertheless, Pink Friday is my favorite this year, probably of all time.

I didn't like her whole album/cd, but I liked a couple of them.
  1. Unthinkable
Well, just one. #shrug

OMG, this song gives me goosebumps. His album just dropped over the weekend I think, I think I only liked like 2 or 3. But I know for sure, this one is my fav from him.

Like I've previously said, this song tells my life leading up to November 2, 2009. Yeah, I remember the day I let him go. That was a big step for me...

I like this song. It's catching and stuff. But, I don't like the square root of 69 thing...I mean, he can do me, but I WON'T do him. I guess that's kinda selfish? #shrug

Again, it's catchy and has a good message. She said it's not about being conceded "Ooo look how cute I am" It's about embracing yourself and not really caring aout what others say.

Another good message song

Day 300 and 65

I find myself nervous...

After today, I will OFFICIALLY have 5 months until I graduate...and 8-9 months until I move outta my parents household.

I'm so nervous. I often wonder if I'm ready to be out on my own because I feel as though my parents have shielded me from reality. It's like, I live in a glass box and only my parents have the key. I mean, my mom still does my perms for me. And both my parents still cook me dinner every night. I'M 18!! (sigh) If...WHEN I get accepted to UIC, I'll be living in downtown Chicago. How exciting...and scary. I guess I'll be already. And plus, the majority of my family lives in Chicago.

I guess the real fear I have is making a really dumb decision. That's what scares me. What if, I meet the wrong people and I get caught up in some stuff I don't need to be in? I plan on being a Specialized R.N, and if I feel like it later, I'll go ahead and convert to being a Doctor, Specialized M.D...Oncologist-study of cancer. And dumb decisions may alter my future. I don't want to put anything on hold.

I guess I'll be alright.

29 December 2010

Introducing: The Perfect Situp

I really really want this...I miss my track abs :(

27 December 2010


I guess it's a classic peacoat. I like...and I look good in it.

The christmas effect



Should've been posted this...

This "chimichanga" looks rather nasty....

 but it wasn't as nasty as it looked,

 or maybe I was just hungry

25 December 2010

24 December 2010

Speakers going hammer! Bammer! Bammer! Bammer!

Tatted Up Man Boobs

Why oh why does he have George Washington and Abe Lincoln on his...tiddies?

Christmas Time is here

weird indoor tree 1
Notice the tree coming out the top of the house...

weird indoor tree 2
lol and here's the bottom

22 December 2010

Self Worth

Sometimes I ask myself: am I good enough?
and I have to constantly remind myself that I am more than enough even though it seems as though I am worth nothing.
It feels like I am worth nothing because nobody around me, wants me...
...So it seems
It is like, someone has placed blinders over my eyes so that I cannot see...
That I am good enough.

different, but cute


Christmas in Harlem

Obama Ice Cream

Classic 2.0

Evidently, I want some ice cream

Sadly, the only kind we have in our freezer right now is butter pecan which doesn't taste like anything. It feels like, something cold in my mouth...but no flavor. bummer.

They must be enjoying that amazing PENN STATE Ice cream

I wouldn't mind doing a college visit at Penn State just so I can try there ice cream

Mizzou Gold Ice Cream

21 December 2010

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!

This lady has a awesome voice. I don't think I ever paod any attention to her before because I don't think she's really made it big yet. #shrug, or maybe she has and I just dont' pay attention. Nonetheless, I saw her on BET a couple months ago singing "4 Women" on BLack Girls Rock and then I saw her again the day before yesterday on BET doing the Christmans Special.

I wish I could get big tattoo tattoos like this but, I think my arms are too skinny. Skinny girls with big tattoos don't mix.
#OMG I just realized that this is the girl/woman who made that song "I hope she cheat on you with a basketball player"...I HATE THAT SONG.

I also just found out that she used to be in Floetry. That's probably why I don't know her forreal. I think when Floetry was really out, I had no clue there was other music besides Gospel.

19 December 2010

In search of the perfect pea coat I realized...

That the coat I invision myself wearing may not exist. I want...a coat that comes in at the sides/waist but still comfortable enough to moved around in. It needs to come just above the knees. The sleeves have to come a little past the wrists. I want the classic pea coat buttons in front but let them be gold. I also want a wide hood. Like little red riding hood-type hood. And it has to be made out of wool. The one I have now is made out of fleece I think and it doesn't keep me warm in this cold weather. It also can have a belt with a buckle. I can do with out it, but I guess it just depends on how I feel. And preferably charcoal, light grey, or black. The reason why I don't think my perfect pea coat exists is because I think that what I just described was a trench coat-pea coat. I guess one day, when I get like a bunch of money, I'll just have to have my coat made because I can't find it anywhere...I think I just changed my mind on the wide hood. I don't like it anymore.

Notice the classic golden buttons. #love

Here, the coat stops just above the knees but, I don't like the collar, or the sleeves, or the side pocket at the top and bottom.

This coat comes in perfectly by the sides/waist but, the shoulders slump down, I want the shoulders to have the classic military look. #straight shoulders


Chelsea sit yo a@# down!

18 December 2010

My obsession with Polo

huh. I can't seem to get over this obsession. I like POLO, what can I say?
I've recently come across the Polo Ranger which is not new to me, but, I've found a new interest in them. I'm not in love with them, yet. But I can definatly see myself wearing them.

I think these are the men's Ranger

Womens Polo Ralph Lauren Zera Boot - Tan
And I know for sure that these are for women. Notice the soles are a different color.

Hows my mother you ask?

She's fine!
Like I've said before, she's the strongest woman I know. We got to the hospital and she was sitting up in the bed smiling. lol. She was complaining because she was ready to go then, but, of course the doctors want her to stay over night to observe her or whatever. So yeah, she's fine.

Thanks for asking...

17 December 2010

good news, bad news...

Good News:
My friends are AWESOME. My bestest bestest friend, is getting me Pink Friday (nicki minaj album/cd) for CHRISTmas, and my other friend, Kay Stubb, gave me 5 dollars for CHRISTmas today even though I told her I didn't have any money to get her anything for CHRISTmas...#sigh...I'm blessed.

Bad News:
My mother's in the hospital because she apparently has blockage in her intestines...bummer.
But, she is the STRONGEST woman I know...THE STRONGEST. She'll be alright.

16 December 2010

James Dean

James Dean and James Franco aka dude who tried to kill Spider Man, Globin's son.
-they look alike...

James Dean is really cute!...like really cute.
But sadly he died about 55 years ago in a tragic car accident...

They said his car, "Little Bastard" was cursed because everyone who handled the car after him, died tragically also.

Who is James Dean?

Oh that's James Dean!

15 December 2010

Man may have Frozen to Death

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Police are waiting for autopsy results to determine the death of a man whose body was found early Sunday morning in downtown Kansas City.
The name and age of the man who was found around 8 a.m. near Ninth and McGee streets were not available Sunday night.
Temperatures were bitterly cold Saturday night and accompanied by strong wind gusts. Police say they don't suspect foul play and that the man might have frozen to death.
The body was found not far from a homeless shelter.
(Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
Associated Press

13 December 2010

Words from the Wise

I am not Fly, I am levitation.

-Nicki Minaj

Whenever I get a Job

I think that I'll probably get a job this summer. Although I say that EVERY YEAR and never do. So, more than likely, I'll get one in college because this is when I'll actually have to depend on myself to eat and stuff. I feel like, when I finally get a job, I'll like, dress really cool and always have my hair done. I wanna be the cool girl in class who doesn't realize how cool she is because she's just being herself. #yeah. I think that's me come August 2011. #CAN'T WAIT

So, since my "number 1 pick school" or whatever you call it denied me, I'm looking at UIC-University of Illinois at Chicago. Hopefully I get in. I think I have a pretty good chance if I hurry up and get all my stuff in. (sigh) I accidentally told this high-maintenance girl in my AP English class that I was going to Mizzou. She said she already picked out our dorms and stuff. I really don't wanna share a dorm with her. She's super high maintenance and annoying. omg. I don't even want to stay on the same floor has her. ugh. So, please UIC accept me so I can be safe in downtown Chicago...away from her. I mean, she barely even knows me. This is the first time we have talked since like, freshman year! For all she knows, I could have gone crazy since then. (sigh) UIC...let me in!

The Maxi JumpSuit

The first time I saw the MAXI JUMP-SUIT was in October during homecoming...I hated it. I couldn't understand why anyone would want to wear something like that. But, a couple minutes agp, I was watching TV and saw this girl/woman wearing one and I thought it was the cutest thing. So now, I want one, or some. But i think it's too cold right now. This morning I woke up and it was 5 degrees out.
I think the reason why I didn't like the Maxi Jumpsuit was because the girl I saw wearing it was short and stout...no offense to the girl or anything, she's cute or whatever I just think it fits better on girls/women with long figures...like myself. #teehee

Kinda has a 70's vibe...


10 December 2010


Whose's that?
-Dhani Jones
-plays for the Cincinatti Bengals
-and also travels around the world


You'll have to excuse me...I'm currently in my feelin's

10 DEC 2010 at 11:10 PM

Somebody told me to stay strong a couple months ago. And I wondered what he was talking about. Who knew it would be this. I'm constantly being attacked. And sometimes I feel as though I am no longer able to stand it.

♥ love and fireflies



I'm not hating...I'm just jealous

No but really. Taylor Swift is the luckiest girl on the planet! omGOSH I'm so jealous of her. The gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal is in a relationship with Taylor Swift. But, unlike most girls, I still love Taylor. I honestly think they're a cute couple. I just wish like, he knew me, and we were together. haha. But best best wishes to them...REALLY. they're cute.

Click below to read about why I think Jake is the cutest man on EARTH.

Great News

For all my fellow devasted Limewire users:
Cry no more because I 've just come acroos a new webiste called BearShare

  • Free MP3 music downloads
  • Share your profile, make new friends
  • iPod and MP3 players support
  • Discover and download free music and videos

 and...PSP legal...LEGAL
OMG. You have no clue how miserable I've been for like the past month without my music. I've been dying of free music withdrawal. But now, my drug is back.


Whenever I hear this song it makes my eyes water and I get goose bumps. Idk, it's so true. I feel like we put our all in these relationships but never get anything back. #sigh

nuff said

Dream Lunch