13 December 2010

Whenever I get a Job

I think that I'll probably get a job this summer. Although I say that EVERY YEAR and never do. So, more than likely, I'll get one in college because this is when I'll actually have to depend on myself to eat and stuff. I feel like, when I finally get a job, I'll like, dress really cool and always have my hair done. I wanna be the cool girl in class who doesn't realize how cool she is because she's just being herself. #yeah. I think that's me come August 2011. #CAN'T WAIT

So, since my "number 1 pick school" or whatever you call it denied me, I'm looking at UIC-University of Illinois at Chicago. Hopefully I get in. I think I have a pretty good chance if I hurry up and get all my stuff in. (sigh) I accidentally told this high-maintenance girl in my AP English class that I was going to Mizzou. She said she already picked out our dorms and stuff. I really don't wanna share a dorm with her. She's super high maintenance and annoying. omg. I don't even want to stay on the same floor has her. ugh. So, please UIC accept me so I can be safe in downtown Chicago...away from her. I mean, she barely even knows me. This is the first time we have talked since like, freshman year! For all she knows, I could have gone crazy since then. (sigh) UIC...let me in!

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