31 December 2010

Day 300 and 65

I find myself nervous...

After today, I will OFFICIALLY have 5 months until I graduate...and 8-9 months until I move outta my parents household.

I'm so nervous. I often wonder if I'm ready to be out on my own because I feel as though my parents have shielded me from reality. It's like, I live in a glass box and only my parents have the key. I mean, my mom still does my perms for me. And both my parents still cook me dinner every night. I'M 18!! (sigh) If...WHEN I get accepted to UIC, I'll be living in downtown Chicago. How exciting...and scary. I guess I'll be already. And plus, the majority of my family lives in Chicago.

I guess the real fear I have is making a really dumb decision. That's what scares me. What if, I meet the wrong people and I get caught up in some stuff I don't need to be in? I plan on being a Specialized R.N, and if I feel like it later, I'll go ahead and convert to being a Doctor, Specialized M.D...Oncologist-study of cancer. And dumb decisions may alter my future. I don't want to put anything on hold.

I guess I'll be alright.

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