31 December 2010

Top Favorite Albums and/or songs of 2010

Of course Nicki made the cut! OMG I love this album/cd whatever. I remeber when she first came out and I didn't like her because I thought she was nasty, which she was. IDK, maybe she toned down all the nasty stuff, or my tolerance for it has increased, nevertheless, Pink Friday is my favorite this year, probably of all time.

I didn't like her whole album/cd, but I liked a couple of them.
  1. Unthinkable
Well, just one. #shrug

OMG, this song gives me goosebumps. His album just dropped over the weekend I think, I think I only liked like 2 or 3. But I know for sure, this one is my fav from him.

Like I've previously said, this song tells my life leading up to November 2, 2009. Yeah, I remember the day I let him go. That was a big step for me...

I like this song. It's catching and stuff. But, I don't like the square root of 69 thing...I mean, he can do me, but I WON'T do him. I guess that's kinda selfish? #shrug

Again, it's catchy and has a good message. She said it's not about being conceded "Ooo look how cute I am" It's about embracing yourself and not really caring aout what others say.

Another good message song

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