21 December 2010

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!

This lady has a awesome voice. I don't think I ever paod any attention to her before because I don't think she's really made it big yet. #shrug, or maybe she has and I just dont' pay attention. Nonetheless, I saw her on BET a couple months ago singing "4 Women" on BLack Girls Rock and then I saw her again the day before yesterday on BET doing the Christmans Special.

I wish I could get big tattoo tattoos like this but, I think my arms are too skinny. Skinny girls with big tattoos don't mix.
#OMG I just realized that this is the girl/woman who made that song "I hope she cheat on you with a basketball player"...I HATE THAT SONG.

I also just found out that she used to be in Floetry. That's probably why I don't know her forreal. I think when Floetry was really out, I had no clue there was other music besides Gospel.

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