04 May 2012

The feeling you get when you've finished your last final and have no clue of what to do with your life

Took my last final, chemistry. #shrug
I don't believe I aced it, but don't think I failed either

*God, touch the mind, heart and hands of the person who grades my exam. Let them have sympathy on me*


03 May 2012

How many people can say this?

"I was one who never spoke unless it improved upon silence. Tell them that I never moved unless it improved upon stillness"

-Carvens Lissaint, Tell Them

Last weekend, bored, in my dorm

01 May 2012

Dear Mr. Darkskin (preview, first draft)

Dear Mr. Darkskin,

Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you really are?
Has anyone ever told you that your skin is like black Egyptian silk, spun by the hands of a hard working mother?
It is the blanket that covers the night sky.
It is the power and determination behind our African roots.
It is the thing that I, a proud Christian woman, lusts after on a lonely night.

The spirit of foregiveness rests in your beautiful dark skin.
How everytime they knock you down, you stand back up.
It is the reminder of the centuries you, Mr. Darkskin, carried this country on your back.

[preview over]

Carvens Lissaint

He's the new poet I've discovered as of this morning.

He's not as old as he looks. I'm not actually sure how old he is, actually. But he's young...like 20 something.

Good News!!

I've started back writing again!
For those of you who don't know. My writing was the very thing that started this blog.
So yeah, I be going back to my roots.

Look out for brand new pieces!!!

-love and fireflies ♥

Carvens Lissaint- Financial Aid

It's D O P E