04 June 2011

omg so true

there's a kid at my school like this. i think he was korean or some type of asian, he dresses like this, and everyone, INCLUDING MYSELF thought he was gay.

25 May 2011

I believe I can fly...

Oh and for the record, I've been a Heat fan for a while now. I didn't just jump on the banwagon when LeBron, D. Wade, and Bosh came along.

Lets Go Heat! Lets Go Heat!

Miami leads 3-1

Hustle Hard

23 May 2011

I just wanted to say thankyou to all those who continued to view my blog even tough I hadn't updated in months

I had nearly 2,000 page views last month....even though there weren't any new posts.


Some grad and prom pics

Me and sis

 Me and my mom

Me and my dad
 right before prom
 me and prom queen, lol love her

 diploma, sash thingy, cap

Really Craving some Dr. Martens

I have to have some Dr. Martens by the time I move to Chicago this fall.

Made in England Capper 8-eye Boot Black Quilon

Made In England Capper 8-Eye Boot

1460 8-Eye Boot BLACK GREASY

 1460 8-Eye Boot-BLACK

Ha! I'm back!

What a year. I just graduated with honor on saturday...CUM LAUDE...what's that you say?

I was so excited when I received the news. I'll upload pictures of all that stuff. Now that I'm out of school, I'll have time to blog like I used to.

11 March 2011

Adidas Crazy 8

These are kinda similar to the Griffey's. I like these too

Nike Air Griffey Max

What I would do to have these.
Nike Air Griffey Max 1 - Red / Black

Crossed off the list

Get my permit

25 February 2011

Whose the guy

Whose going to love me?
Whose the guy whose gonna hold me when I cry
and wipe the heavy tears from my eyes?
Whose gonna find out who made those, heavy tears fall from my eyes
and make them beg for forgiveness?

Whose the guy who will go out of his way to make sure I'm okay
and call me at night to make sure I'm alright
and text goodnight and good morning.

Whose the guy?
Where are you I can find you.
Thoughts pass through my brain
is his thinking of me?
Does he think the same way I think?

Where are you I can't see you because my eyes have been blinded by the blood shed of my broken heart and the tears of my, hollow eyes.

Whose gonna love me?
Whose the guy who'll breath life back into my lungs like the gusty winds of Chicago?
Whose the guy that will hold my hand as we pass through a crowded room
and give me his jacket because I'm cold
and give me his last bit of his food?

Whose the guy that will break his neck for me
jump in front of of bullet for me
and, whose gonna be the one to pull the umbrella over my head as it rains
and fix that strand of hair that never wants to stay in place.
Whose gonna stay up all night with me and fight with about my, lack of couage
and, tell me not to give up when I feel like throwing in the towel because that last test knocked me off my feet.

Where are you?
I can find you
I can't see you because my eyes have been blinded by all the many lies of the adversary that also weigh upon my heart and, cause it to fall limp.

Where are you? I can't find you.
I can't see you.
Whose the guy that's gonna love me?

22 February 2011

Really? Really!?

So, apparently, Bieber cut his hair and he lost like 82,000 followers...

This song

I especially like the little "eskimo nose kiss". I think it's really cute. Seems like something I would do if I had someone to do it to.

Feel Love (Feat. J. Cole) BMF
Uploaded by BlakMusicFirst. - Explore more music videos.

Can't find the proper title for this

17 February 2011

09 February 2011

Belief System

I believe in Christ, not myself
Soulmates, not love at first sight
Heaven and Hell, not a 2nd life

08 February 2011

boring life

My life is kinda boring right now. If you were wondering what was going on with me not posting any freelance, it's because nothing is going on in my life worth writing about.
Guess that's kinda good seeing as I mainly write about heartbreak...no more heartbreak. Hey! Maybe, if I ever get a boyfriend, I'll write about him!



...this looks fake.

LOL Today

Today, "The State" came to my school and as you can probably guess, all the teachers were acting extra peachy. Even the lunch ladies, and man, were acting polite.

Evidently we're about to lose accreditation and so everybody is (slight grammar error I believe) trying to save us. Lucky for me, I graduate this year so if this does happen, it won't happen this year. Bad for my sister though.

Wish I knew how to dance...

I feel like...i dance kinda stiff

MJ vs some celtics cat

07 February 2011

Super Bowl

Every year, I always choose which team I want to win based off of a few things
  1. Cutest players
  2. prettiest colors
  3. and if they are the under dogs or not
Since I don't actually watch football like that,...I don't actually have a favorite football team. #shrug. Last night, while I was slowly dieing from this dreadful cold, I chose the Green Bay Packers because I thought #21 was cute. Sad he got hurt. And even sadder I forgot his name. lol. And, they won! It always seems like the team I want to win never wins. But, they won this year. So yeah #BOW

Charles Woodson is the name...

02 February 2011



Obama Obama Obama Oba Oba Obama Obama

Lupe Fiascco

He go! He's one of the few artsit out nowadays that are actually sayingsomething

Here's another, dude talks about why he didn't vote for Obama


Africa- More than what you see

29 January 2011

Watching the grudge last night

Last night, The Grudge came on MTV. I only saw the last 30min of it. While watching this movie, I realized how much of a wimp I am. My assumption is that The Grudge is not that scary but since it was kinda late and I was sleepy, I let the movie get to me. I kept on flicking back and forth between channels because I was too much of a wimp to see what was going to happen. #smh

This brings me to another incident that happened during Halloween. Me, my sister, and my younger cousin went to this haunted house in Chicago. They had like 4 haunted houses and a corn field maze. We went through the corn field, it was fun. But then we got lost in the maze and kept going in circles lol. So we saw the same monster/actor like 3 or 4 times lol. So it wasn't scaring anymore. But, my sister made me mad because anytime she gets scared, she starts to gag...WEIRD. So, she gagged and I lost interest in the whole thing. We had to go through one of the haunted houses which I had a attitude about because I didn't want my sister to throw up all over me. So anyway, this time, we switched my sister for my dad. (Yeah he was there.) Went into the haunted house, and, the deeper we went, the darker it got. Like, we weren't even in there 5 min. and everything went black. So...we left because we were all scared. Even my "HOLY GHOST FILLED, 45 YEAR OLD FATHER WAS SCARED"...so yeah, we're all wimps. LOL

What I've learned from being on tumblr

  1. everyone smokes weed...except me
  2. people still love chris brown
  3. everyone loves tattoos
  4. People love Kanye West even though he's a jerk
  5. tumblr is better than  facebook, twitter, and any other social networking stie
  6. it is EXTREMELY difficult to run two blogs when one of them is on tumblr

25 January 2011

Madea's Big Happy Family, movie poster

Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family movie poster

saw the play...funny funny funny...but, too much singing. Can't wait to see the movie

21 January 2011

You make me...

You make me smile
You make the hair on my neck stand up
You make my toes curl
You make my heart leap for joy
You made me brand new
You made fall in love again

20 January 2011

Dip and Pitts and Dip and Pitts and Dip!!

P!nk-Raise you Glass


Lend me your heart
Mines was broken

Island of Vienques

This is a freakin hotel!! This where I need to be spending my spring beak, summer beak, and winter break...better yet, my life.

To see more snapshots of the hotel click here

Reality Strikes...

He calls you everyday just to say hi
and every night he texts you 'good night'
Butterflies tickle your belly
and his touch is electrifying


He doesn't text you back
He won't return your phone calls
You smell another girls perfume on his clothes
and you ask him about it and he lies through his teeth

17 January 2011

I have a problem with...

People and school districts that refuse to acknowledge Martin Luther King. This man literally died for what he believed in. Without him, America wouldn't be what it is today. I mean, he changed an ENTIRE NATION and we can't take a second to say thank you, or happy birthday? What kinda mess is that? I remember last year we had school on his bday and I was complaining because I felt like if we was to have school, we needed to dedicate that whole day, TO HIM. But we didn't. Nobody said nothing about this man. I just feel like that's disrespectful especially since my school is predominantly African American.

Well, Happy Martin Luther King Day. And Happy Birthday to you Martin.

There were some happy times...

16 January 2011

Love Her

My bible tells me that a man should love his wife.
It doesn't say to figure her out.
Love her.
That is all.

One of the many odd conversations that go on within my household.

Dad- What's with the peanuts?
Mom- ...
Dad- Ya'Know, peanuts make you pass gas
Mom- Uh, No they don't
Dad- Um, yes they do
Mom- Well, I don't pass gas after eating peanuts
Dad- Yes you do, you just don't realize it

OMG.! wtHECK is wrong with them? lol. Well, I didn't actually "laugh out loud", I kinda, "giggled to myself"...gtm, heehee.


Today was a good day...(Cloverfield)

...let the truth be told


Seeing as she died when I was somewhat unaware of other types of music that was not gospel, I really don't any connection to her. But, I thought I'd pay my respects anyhow. Happy Birthday, and Rest In Peace.

Ladies Love Cool James

15 January 2011

can you see the giraffe tattoo?

Remember that time I told you I love you?

Hey, remember the time I told you I loved you?
And you didn't say it back?

Well after that I wanted to take it back, but everytime I tried not to love you,
I loved you even more.

It hurt so bad because, I didn't wanna love you but, it just wouldn't go away and,
I knew that you didn't deserve my love.

And guess what?
After all this time, I think I still love you.

(refreshing exhale)


Bruno Mars- Jail bird

13 January 2011

Star to a Galaxy

What's a star to a galaxy?
You just apart of MY lineup.

College life: Back Then

Life goes on.

At one point I was unsure of how I would make it without you. Then I made it without you.

♥love and fireflies


12 January 2011


So they still look good. The tats, that it.

Hey there! Follow me on tumblr

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There's nothing on there yet though.

Let's talk about The Game, and Teen Mom 2, and Bad Girls Club

I watched The Game yesterday...

I would much rather record this by video, but, my wonderful father conveniently hid the camera. So I can't do any videos or take pictures. :(

Anyway, I watched The Game. And I think my dislike for Melanie has grown even more. Why the firetruck would you go and give somebody ELSE'S child a DNA test behind their back. I understand that she thinks the child isn't Derwin's but, I feel like that was dirty. Then she turned around and found out that the baby really was his after she had already told him that it wasn't. And then after he asked her who it was on the phone, she doesn't tell him the news. wtFIRETRUCK? (ugh) I really don't like her. I feel like, Melanie is just mad because she didn't have Derwin's first child. And everybody knows that a man has stronger feelings for the women who had his first SON...it's in the bible.

I kinda wish that The CW still "owned" The Game because now that BET is in ownership, the show seems cheap. The story line is still there, but, everything else seems like it's owned by black people. Also, I don't like Tasha and ole dude from 106, Terrence. That's nasty.

Switching over to Teen Mom 2

Everything was cool until Jennelle came. That girl is CRAZY. Do you know, if I ever even think about cursin at my momma I'll be getting off the floor? Let alone push her out my room her room since she pay the bills. If that girl lived in my house...my momma would be in jail for attempted murder and she would be in the hospital trying not to die. Oh my God, what a night.

Bad Girls Club

This show wares(<--correct spelling?) me out. First night in the house and they already fightin. I just wanna know why the 27 yr old left her career to get on that show. That's stupid. And I kinda liked that one girl with the curly hair and the pumpkin top until she got drunk. I think the football player need to go home. And I feel like everybody need to stop trying to prove themselves. When your time comes to defend yourself then that's when you do it. Don't go lurkin for drama.

I swear to BOB he talm'bout me!!!...PLEASE WATCH

11 January 2011

The Game is on!


The Game is on


um...oh my goodness, i think i got admitted into UIC?

The reason why I say I THINK is because they haven't sent me an official acceptance letter...yet, but, I just went on the site and under decision it said: ADMIT. Oh my God. As I write this I can do nothing but smile. I'm soooooo excited. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. But, the only way to really be sure about my acceptance is for them to send the acceptance letter. So yeah.

I could so use one of these every once in a while

Elina Ivanova

She was the girl with all the tattoos on America's Next Top Model (cycle 11..I think.) She kinda reminds me of Angelina Jolie. She kinda has her essence, ya know?

Thinking about getting an "under boob tattoo"

I think I want something really settle. My name, my real name...La'Vonia, which french and it means "The sun has risen." So I'm thinkin, instead of getting just getting my name or something pointless (like everybody else gets) Ill get something that will stay the same for ever. Anyway, I'm gonna get "The Sun has Risen"...in the french dialect. But, the only problem is, I don't know any french.

I went on goolge translater and got this: "Le Soleil s'est leve" which literally means "The sun rose"
But then, I went on bing translater and got this: Le Soleil a augmente" which literally means "the sun rises"
So like, I'm kinda thinkin to get "Le soleil s'est leve" because it means the same thing just in a different form.