12 January 2011

Let's talk about The Game, and Teen Mom 2, and Bad Girls Club

I watched The Game yesterday...

I would much rather record this by video, but, my wonderful father conveniently hid the camera. So I can't do any videos or take pictures. :(

Anyway, I watched The Game. And I think my dislike for Melanie has grown even more. Why the firetruck would you go and give somebody ELSE'S child a DNA test behind their back. I understand that she thinks the child isn't Derwin's but, I feel like that was dirty. Then she turned around and found out that the baby really was his after she had already told him that it wasn't. And then after he asked her who it was on the phone, she doesn't tell him the news. wtFIRETRUCK? (ugh) I really don't like her. I feel like, Melanie is just mad because she didn't have Derwin's first child. And everybody knows that a man has stronger feelings for the women who had his first SON...it's in the bible.

I kinda wish that The CW still "owned" The Game because now that BET is in ownership, the show seems cheap. The story line is still there, but, everything else seems like it's owned by black people. Also, I don't like Tasha and ole dude from 106, Terrence. That's nasty.

Switching over to Teen Mom 2

Everything was cool until Jennelle came. That girl is CRAZY. Do you know, if I ever even think about cursin at my momma I'll be getting off the floor? Let alone push her out my room her room since she pay the bills. If that girl lived in my house...my momma would be in jail for attempted murder and she would be in the hospital trying not to die. Oh my God, what a night.

Bad Girls Club

This show wares(<--correct spelling?) me out. First night in the house and they already fightin. I just wanna know why the 27 yr old left her career to get on that show. That's stupid. And I kinda liked that one girl with the curly hair and the pumpkin top until she got drunk. I think the football player need to go home. And I feel like everybody need to stop trying to prove themselves. When your time comes to defend yourself then that's when you do it. Don't go lurkin for drama.

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