09 January 2011

Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist: The Story of the travelling gum

If you've ever watched this movie, you probably noticed the life of this gum that travels everywhere. At first, I think it was in some dudes mouth that Caroline was making out with. Then, later on in the movie, Caroline "threw up" and the gum ended up in the toilet full of vomit. So what does Caroline do? She pulls the gum out of the toilet and puts it BACK in her mouth. (gross) Then later on in the movie after Nora found her in some "gay-club-drag queen-Christmas-Hanuka" place, Caroline tells Nora to hold the gum for her. Then poor Nora puts the gum in her mouth! Later, Nora and Nick "do it" in her father's studio and the gum ends up in Nicks mouth. After that, Nick spits the gum out on some dude neck at the "Where's Fluffy?" concert.

I love this movie despite the gross underlying story.

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