29 January 2011

Watching the grudge last night

Last night, The Grudge came on MTV. I only saw the last 30min of it. While watching this movie, I realized how much of a wimp I am. My assumption is that The Grudge is not that scary but since it was kinda late and I was sleepy, I let the movie get to me. I kept on flicking back and forth between channels because I was too much of a wimp to see what was going to happen. #smh

This brings me to another incident that happened during Halloween. Me, my sister, and my younger cousin went to this haunted house in Chicago. They had like 4 haunted houses and a corn field maze. We went through the corn field, it was fun. But then we got lost in the maze and kept going in circles lol. So we saw the same monster/actor like 3 or 4 times lol. So it wasn't scaring anymore. But, my sister made me mad because anytime she gets scared, she starts to gag...WEIRD. So, she gagged and I lost interest in the whole thing. We had to go through one of the haunted houses which I had a attitude about because I didn't want my sister to throw up all over me. So anyway, this time, we switched my sister for my dad. (Yeah he was there.) Went into the haunted house, and, the deeper we went, the darker it got. Like, we weren't even in there 5 min. and everything went black. So...we left because we were all scared. Even my "HOLY GHOST FILLED, 45 YEAR OLD FATHER WAS SCARED"...so yeah, we're all wimps. LOL

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