19 December 2010

In search of the perfect pea coat I realized...

That the coat I invision myself wearing may not exist. I want...a coat that comes in at the sides/waist but still comfortable enough to moved around in. It needs to come just above the knees. The sleeves have to come a little past the wrists. I want the classic pea coat buttons in front but let them be gold. I also want a wide hood. Like little red riding hood-type hood. And it has to be made out of wool. The one I have now is made out of fleece I think and it doesn't keep me warm in this cold weather. It also can have a belt with a buckle. I can do with out it, but I guess it just depends on how I feel. And preferably charcoal, light grey, or black. The reason why I don't think my perfect pea coat exists is because I think that what I just described was a trench coat-pea coat. I guess one day, when I get like a bunch of money, I'll just have to have my coat made because I can't find it anywhere...I think I just changed my mind on the wide hood. I don't like it anymore.

Notice the classic golden buttons. #love

Here, the coat stops just above the knees but, I don't like the collar, or the sleeves, or the side pocket at the top and bottom.

This coat comes in perfectly by the sides/waist but, the shoulders slump down, I want the shoulders to have the classic military look. #straight shoulders

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