30 June 2010


So just a few minutes ago I was on this girls page (who ii DO NOT LIKE...at all) She was talm'bout track on her page. One thing I can TRULY say about myself is that I'm not a hater. If you a beast, then you a beast. This girl is soooo dope on that dawg-on-track. && I just found out that she run the 4! OH MY GOD that's my race! This means that I'll have to compete with this girl to get a spot on the 4x400, or even the open 4<---which I hate because you gotta start on blocks. UGH. Lord ii need YOU right now. Like right now...cuz I don't think I'm good enough. I just started runnin my junior year. Now I'm going to be a senior with only one year of experience runnin against girls who been runnin since birth. Ion't know. I'm really thinkin about not even runnin this year. I run a 1:13. That's HECKA slow. The girl I was talm'bout runna 57...57 seconds! Huhhhh!! I can't do it....I can not do it. I don't think I'm good enough. Ohhhh God please carry me on the track this season...an NO injuries. Please.

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