11 January 2012

Keep fighting, I'm a vessel full of power...

So my theme song used to be a song by a woman named Maurette Brown Clark called "It ain't Over". During that time, mother was fighting cancer and I was healing from a past relationship. This song also helped when I used to run track in high school. I would literally play this song the ENTIRE day until it was time for me to run. If you guys remember, I used to run the 4x400m relay, which was the very last race. This song literally speaks to my soul and I pray that this song does the same for you.

Nowadays, my theme song is a song by a man named Micah Stampley called "The Corinthian Song." This song also speaks to my soul. This is the way I've felt about myself for quite some time. I'm a vessel, full of power with a treasure from the lord. I've learned not to let things discouage me because I know I have a greater purpose. You cannot end up from point A to point B without the process. Things that are meant to be do not come without a fight. This song encourages me and reminds me of who I am.

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