31 January 2012

Walking out of Wal Greens

So today, I walked up to Wal Greens to pick up vitamin c and some cold and flu medicine because I feel like I won't feel good tomorrow, and as I was walking out, a homeless man asked for a dollar for a hot dog. I ignored him. (sidenote: I only give money to people on the street when I feel lead to. Half of the "homeless folk" out on the street have more money than I do. So if God don't tell me to give money, I don't do it.) Anyway, as I walked away, he proceeded to give me a complement saying "You lookin good" ha! I must admit, it did make me smile, laugh actually, but that did not make me give him any money. I just realized that I didn't even have any cash on me anyway. 
Have a nice day :-)

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