22 October 2010

Although I don't agree with homosexuality...

I don't feel like bullying someone is the answer. I have never disliked a person because they were gay. If I dislike a person, and they just so happen to be gay, it's not because they're gay. It's because of their personality. Your sexuality has NOTHING to do with it.

I feel as though should NEVER happen whether you're gay, straight, tall, short, black or white. A person should never ever be bullied. People don't realize that bullying a person can lead to suicide. Leave people alone.

People who bully others don't nessisarily have low self-esteem. Some of these people have very high self-esteem and do it just because.

Back to what I initially was talking about...
No I do not agree with being homosexual. I do not believe that people are born gay. But, I have no problem having a gay friend. In fact, I have some.

I just wanted to let that out...

♥ love and fireflies

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