25 October 2010

Sheer Aggrivation

Thursday before last....
I gave my transcript request to this lady in the office. She was supposed to give it to this other lady or something so that she could mail it to Loyola.
TWO WEEKS LATER...my transcripts still aren't mailed in. You can just imagine how upset ANGRY I am right now. Like...there's smoke coming out of my ears. And.... I also gave the lady my letter of recommendation to the lady...still not in. Do these people not understand how important this is? Something told me not to give that lady my stuff...but I did it anyway because Loyola will only accept transcripts that were sent in by the high school. PLUS...my stupid school won't even give me my OWN transcript. So I had no other choice.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see what's going on with my transcript and stuff...and if I find that they lost my transcript...I just may have a fit....I just might...

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