20 October 2010

I wrote this incredible essay...

I wrote this amazing admissions essay about how track changed my life. It's AWESOME. I would copy and paste it but then I just realized that we have people in this world who like to forge people's stuff. Soooo..I can't copy and paste it. But, I just thought I'd let you guy's know about it.

I just applied to UMKC and Mizzou....and last week, idk if I told you guys but I applied to Loyola University of Chicago....it's ironic because I was born in Loyola Hospital #shrug. I hope&pray I get accepted. Then, I could study to be a nurse and like, work in Loyola Hospital when I get my R.N papers or whatever...SPECIALIZED R.N that is.

I'm excited. I can't wait to blog inside of my dorm room.

btw...i like really need the lady in the main office to mail my transcripts and recommendation letter to Loyola. I'm about to give her 2 more transcript requests tomorrow. huh. Please hurry

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