14 October 2010

Proud Moment...

I listened to Obama talk for a whole hour!

Politics bore me...greatly. That is the only reason why I never talk about anything political. During the election, I was trying to watch to see who would get elected, and I fell asleep. I tried really really hard to watch...but it was too difficult. I felt stupid because I missed an historical moment. but yeah anyway...

I meant to do the breast cancer post but, I stayed after school for this track meeting...not meat. That team has so much stress its not even funny. All I did was sit in my coaches class room with the rest of the team and I went home exhausted. It's too much drama. There's the TRACK STARS...then, there are the people who like to run but aren't the fastest people on the team. It shouldn't be that way. Now, it is inevitable that you will have people on any team that will do better than all the rest. But that doesn't mean that they have to go and make others feel bad about not being as good. You shouldn't have cliques within a team. So yeah. That's what happened to my post. I also applied to Loyola University Chicago yesterday. I'm so excited about that. I can't wait to do a post about my first day/night in my dorm room. #SOexcited.!

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