14 July 2010

Diddy Beats

I wanted me some Diddy Beats just becoz, well I need some new earphones and just cuz they're by Diddy. So, I searched them on the web and found that they like $180. I'm not finna spend that much money for some earphones that do they same thing as the rest of'em! I would have to be insane.
So I think I'mma just get some skull candy cuz they cute and not as expensive. Even apple is through the roof. I think I saw somewhere that the Diddy Beats have like beats in them or something. Whatever the cause, I feel like I'm payin for Diddy's name. And yeah I'm not gone do that. Ion't even like his music.

"The Sound of Life"
I can hear life just the same in some $19.99 Skull Candy

Just the same as Skull Candy minus the skull plus "db"

These are kinda dope.
How do I plug them into my iPod?

These are dope too
These are Gaga's
I guess I would buy these simply because they're different.
I guess they're called...Gaga Beats? ha.!
nevermind me...

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