17 July 2010

Pharrell Williams- "I'll be 40 in 3 years"

Often times I would see people's blogs and they'd show Pharrell as one of their inspirations. Then I would be like "Why come so many people look up to this man?" I heard that he was smart, but I didn't realize how IDK informed he really was. I was watchin the K!dult video on Diggy's blog and I was just intrigued by so much stuff he said. He said that there's no such thing as "having nothing." We as Americans look at living in a ratty apartment, and a raggedy car as having nothing. But people in 3rd world countries would love to live in our "ratty apartments" and drive our "raggedy cars." They don't even have floors! And they have to travel miles and miles to get water that's not even clean. We're spoiled. He said that nothing is "deep space with no stars." That's powerful. We don't live in deep space with no stars. So I think for now on, I'm going to stop conplainin about the stuff I don't have. Because people in other countries would love to have what I have.  

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