28 July 2010

iPod (nano)

As he walked out the house his mother told him to be careful and pay attention to his surroundings. He didn’t hear her because he was too busy putting on his baby blue earphones.

As he walked down the concrete sidewalk, he listened to Lupe Fiasco’s kick-Push. He bobbed his head to the beat and mimicked the rythmatic lyrics. He didn’t notice when the old lady who lived on 11224 Cobblestone Lane asked him to get the mail for her. He walked right passed her, nor did he notice the Great Dane that was behind the fence barking.

He couldn’t hear or see the things around him. All he heard and saw was the picture that his music created. Kick out the haters and keep it pushin’. As his music changed, so did his mood. Now he listened to J. Holiday’s Put You to Bed. As the lyrics flowed through his ears he quickened his pace to get to his girls house.

Crossing the street he didn’t see the black Grand Pre quickly approaching him. Walking with the tempo of the song; he watched the red ford on another street drive passed him. When he turned it was too late. The Black Grand Pre going 80MPH smashed into him and cracked his spine. He flipped completely across the car hitting his head on the concrete ground, killing him. The Grand Pre sped off.

LaVonia Bembry


  1. Lovely blog, I like your story on the iPod, it's alarming yet creatively put together. Keep it up.


    I hope you follow it =)


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