14 July 2010


The same thing I thought...the same thing.

So yesterday...
I watched the season finale of The Hills. It was just a bunch of gud'byes and stuff. Kristen said she was movin to Europe...I'm not gone even comment on that.
Lo and her boyfriend are in love and stuff. His name is Scott. He told her that he wanted to spin the rest of his life with her. I thought that was sweet. It's kinda rare to hear that on that show. Most of the time, the guys try and act like they're all "PlayERz" And the poor Hills girls fall for them -->Kristen<--
But I like Kristen though and I hope she finds whatever she's looking for. But I just don't think that it's in Europe. 
Then, on the after show, Kristen said she decided she's going to live in London. IDK. I just feel like, Kristen is too wild for London. I think they'd look down on her. Kristen needs to grow up a little bit I think. Heidi's sisteerrrr....Holly? She started cryin about never seein her sister because they had showed a video of Heidi BEFORE Spencer. She looks way better before all the plastic surgery. I think Spencer is the cause for all that. If Spencer never came, Heidi and Lauren would still be friends and she'd probably look the same. Not...PLASTIC.
Oh.! && did I mention the ending? Oh my God, so Brody was watchin Kristen as she drove off. They had the sad music playin and he was lookin all sad and stuff, and then, the back ground like,...rolled away. They were on set! The crew or whatever started rollin the set away. I was so upset. Now I feel like, those tears I had were wasted. I felt for Kristen. && it could all be a lie. (And yall know how I feel about liars.) But during the after show, Kristen and Brody said that the feelings they showed were real. So yeah. Whatever. I still feel like I wasted my tears.

In other news...

I missed Pretty Little Liars because The Hills was on at the same time. I could've watched the second half but The City came on after The Hills. I think I would've normally changed the channel because that show bores me. But...that one lady...Whitney's boss...got mad at Whitney because she felt like she betrayed her. How can you be so mean to someone so nice? (Whitney being the nice person)
She was like "blah blah blah she wears pink" (couldn't remember everything dragon lady said) and then I was like "And you wear ALL BLACK!" lol. That's what I wanted Whitney to say back to the dragon lady.

&& I think I'mma have to get that song by Hilary Duff. The theme song for Laguna Beach. I like that song.

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