13 July 2010

Morning Breath

I heard through the grapevine <----- lame

I heard that Spain won the World Cup.
Congrats to the lucky country.

Cheer up America

Futbol aka soccer....is not our sport.
But let a country play us in some real FOOTBALL?
It's a wrap or rap?
Anyway these other countries should just forfeit.
Don't even try...cuz ya gonna lose!


If you hate it when people tell the story before you've read it or seen it...don't read this because I'm about to finna tell the story.

Yesterday I watched Hard Times of RJ Berger. It was hilarious! I remember when the show was first aired a couple weeks ago. I hated it! I couldn't understand why anyone would wanna watch a show about a boy who couldn't get none. It's about his...thingy! lol. But, yesterday, I gave the show another try and I Laughed My Butt Off! I was watchin when his mother was fantasizing about the boy she used to like in high school and how she said his father (RJ's father) was her "clunker" lol. But, I didn't like how his dad told him that he had to "hump a few clunkers" I thought that was terrible. Why would you tell your son to dog girls out. That's terrible. Then, in another part. RJ saw that he had a new indian neighbor. Not that indian the other kind. He called her a clunker. She wasn't even ugly. All she had to do was take those glasses off. But anywho, he joined the Purity Club to get close to her. Then, his fat friend (btw. I'm not making fun of fat people. I just don't know his name) told him that Purity Girls are the biggest "gardening tools" around. He made up this whole story about how they have these parties where there's this big bowl of different color lipstick/lipgloss. The girls pass the bowl around and they leave their "mark" on all the boys. And guess what. It turned out to be true! First, they read the bible and prayed. Then they gave offerin. And then, the leader of the group took out this big bowl of lip gloss. The girls started gettin on their knees in front of the boys. And well, you can guess what happened next. But they didn't show it because RJ's Indian friend got offended and left out. In her country, The UK, ha! she's indian but I guess she grew up up in the UK because she has a British accent. But anyway, in her country, the Purity Club actually was PURE. So she was in shock. My school doesn't have a purity club. I guess I know why now. LOL.
So yeah. I like Hard Times of RJ Berger. lol It's funny.


Don't forget the SERIES FINALE OF THE HILLS comes on tonight.
sniff sniff
GIANT tear drops

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