28 August 2010

8:34 AM


I had fun.!
And it's not that I thought I wouldn't, well I kinda did. But, after practice my dad came to pick me up and we went straight to the church. I didn't have anytime to shower or anything and I prayed that I was musty. lol. Nobody said anything sly and I didn't hear any whispers, so I guess I was fine. After we finished eating our Papa John's, we went to this bowling alley out in St. Peter's. We bowled a hold game, I didn't do so well as far as scoring but I was in 3rd place. #shrugSHOULDERS. Then, we played laser tag. (sigh) I loved it! But, my team lost. #whatever. It was cool. I wouldn't mind doing it again.

In other news. . .

I went to practice, cross country, and to be honest, it really wasn't that bad. But then again, I didn't do the whole work out. My excuse: This is my first day. So they let me off easy. The rest of the girls had to run 3 super laps which is the equivalent of 4 miles I think. I only ran 1 super lap. So I guess that's like, just about 1.3 miles? #shrug. Monday I'll try and do better. I did do my whole warm up if that counts for anything. It was supposed to be a mile around the track, 4 laps. But the girls talked the sub-coach into letting us only do 3. We coulda did the whole mile. What's one more lap? I'm still gonna see if the coach will let me just practice with the girls because I don't wanna run any meets. If you stop running during the race, you're supposedly disqualified. But my thought is, whose gonna see me stop? Are there people along the entire coarse? #whatever. I'm just trying to save the drama.

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