31 August 2010

(GASP) Sad face

Today is the last day of August. My goal was to try and post 100 post this month. FAIL. After this I'll have only posted like 80 I think. Well I came close.
Good News.!
I have 21 days until my birthday! Can you imagine how excited I am to say that I'm 18? (sigh) I can't wait. I told my parents that for my birthday I wanted to go to the movies early in the morning and just watch movies all day. lol. Their response...NO. LOL I thought it was a good idea.

side note

I don't understand why people are so surprised when I tell them my age. When I tell you how shocked people are "Oh my God!? You finna be 18? I thought you was a sophmore" "I thought you was like 14!" No sweetey. I already did that. lol. But like, my freshmen year, the upper classmen thought I was in the same grade as them. I guess it was because I was fresh out of middle school ie the worst years of my life. So I guess middle school "aged" me. But then, when I made it to high school, I guess my clock started ticking backwards. #shrug. I guess I should do something about that huh? But, my aunt who lives in Chicago is in her late 30's early 40's and you can't even tell. She could pass as a high school student, really. So maybe I take after her.

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