23 August 2010

Why do you refuse to understand me?

I feel as though you refuse to look at life through my eyes. It's like, you can, but you won't. And that's what frustrates me. You wonder why I don't really open up to you?
  1. You won't see life the way I see it
  2. You're sarcastic
Sarcasm: I don't like sarcastic people. I realize that I'm sarcastic too but, I don't do it to hurt people. I don't do it in a serious conversation. And if I do, I didn't mean to which I think I've proven many many times. When people get smart with me, it make me feel like they think I'm stupid. Why can't you just say regular? Why do you have to add on extra stuff? FACT: If you run out of breath as you're speaking that means you're saying things that are unnecessary. I'm not retarded.
  • You're a man
  • I'm a girl
  • You're a father
  • I'm a daughter
  • We are not the same
You don't understand me and often times I feel as though you are incapable of doing so. How could you? You've never been a girl before. So how is it possible that you can see the way I see? You can't. And this is why I don't open up to you about my personal life. Things that bother me. And even if I was to do that, I would feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable and awkward.

If you're reading this, this is not to hurt you. It's just, the way I feel.

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