03 August 2010

---->Wash U<----

I went to Washington University in St.Louis today for a college tour. I love the school. I like how everyone enjoys going to the school and how passionate they are about what they do there. They have moderate sized dorms and regular sized classes. I think they said they have about 12 really big class rooms. Like the ones you see on T.V. The rest of the classes are what I'm used to. Wash U. focuses mainly on academics but they do take pride in their sports. I think they're like Tennis and Volley Ball champs. They only downfall is that the school is here in St.Louis. I wish it was somewhere else. So I'm gonna see about going to visit Mizzou. There they have a good Premed school, and also they're like the best in the country for journalism. So yeah. But Wash U is a awesome school. I would be honored to attend.
btw, we need more black people, cuz we're like scarce on campus.

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