22 August 2010

Dear America

Dear America,
        How could you let our people fall? Those people, down in Louisiana, they live as though they're in a 3rd world country. How can those people live in the same country as I do, and not have a roof over their head? Carpet under their feet? We have enough money for big budget movies, but we can't go and help our fellow Americans? I'm disappointed. We're quick to go to other countries and help those people in need. But when our people are in trouble, we can't help them. Hurricane Katrina hit when I was in the 7th grade. I'm a senior now and those people still need help. How does the land of the free have people in bondage? How is this possible?  Those people, they don't have hospitals. They don't have schools and homes. And the money they do have, it's being stolen by people in high places. We should be ashamed of ourselves. America, we must man up and save our people.

A fellow American

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