21 August 2010

And the count down begins...

31 days until my 18th Birthday!!

How exciting is that? To be honest, I don't even have anything planned. Like I've said many times, I'm not really a big party person. I think I just want to have dinner with my family and that'll be it. #shrugsSHOULDERS
I can't even believe that I'm turning 18. 18? Me, I'll be 18 in a month? Hmm. That's so weird. Like, next year, I'll be 19...wtHECK? 19! Ha.! I'll also be in college by then too. I'm so excited for life!...after high school. lol.

speaking of high school...

I have too favorite classes...

  • Principles of Bio med Sciences

  • Anatomy & Physiology
Can you see the pattern? Yeah. I like this stuff. I guess to some people it's boring. But when I learn anything to do with health and stuff like that, I get excited!

back to turning 18...

I was thinking of getting my other tragus pierced but idk. #1 Reason: I'm broke. And the other reason is because that'll make it even harder for me to sleep. I already can't sleep on my right side, and if I get the other side done, that'll make me have to sleep on my back. Which is almost impossible. Then I thought, "What about a tattoo?" But, I don't want to go against my parents wishes. I'll just wait until I move out. I'll draw up the tattoo idea and post it soon. (But don't count on it today)

For the rest of my class schedule click below.

  1. Anatomy & Physiology

  2. AP Senior English

  3. Pottery1

  4. Web Design

  5. Office Assn.

  6. Pre-Calculus w/Trigonometry

  7. Principles of Bio med

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