01 August 2010



First let me tell you. Suddenly I broke out all over my body from God knows what. And when I say "all over" I mean all over. I have eczema and so that means that I have really sensitive skin. I have to be careful about what I put on because it could cause a sudden breakout. (Like Now) I'm not sure what caused it though. I think it may be the detergent I use. But then again maybe not because we've been using Tide for years now. I mean, it's all over my stomach (oh my poor stomach! I love my stomach. I've worked hard on it), it's on my legs, my arms, a little on my neck, it's wrapped around my thighs and has even gotten on my butt. Oh God! Why?! I hope this goes away soon because school starts in 2 weeks...2 WEEKS! I can't be scootin'n'rubbin in class. I'm even missing church today!

In other news...

I've had a bump on my piercing for a couple of weeks now. I've been trying to figure out ways to get rid of it. Everywhere I looked said something about seasalt soaks. But, we don't have sea salt at my house so I had to use regualr table salt. Table salt is fine as long as it's Iodine Free. We use Morton. That worked for a little while. The bump did go down, but now it's back "up" again. I think its because the jewlry I'm wearing. It's a hoop. The same hoop you'd see in people with there lip pierced. It moves to much. So I think I'm gonna get a barbell as soon as I scavenge for some money. 

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