18 August 2010

iPod (nano) 3:Juvie pt.2

Amber woke up in a cold sweat. Her hair was wet and her sheets were also damp. “Ugh…” she groaned “get out of my head.” She smacked herself against her forehead a few times.

A few hours later…

“Uno!!” exclaimed one of the inmates.

“Ugh, I always lose at this game” Amber complained.

“You got the whole deck in yer hands”

By now Amber made a couple friends at the juvenile hall. Roxy. Was the girl Amber was playing uno with. She was from Alabama. Her mother and father had gotten a divorce about a year ago. Her father was laid off his job. To ease the pain of not being able to support his family he drank whole bottles of Smirnoff and Jack Daniels. Then when beer and liquor didn’t muffle his pain he abused his wife. Physically and verbally.

“It’s your fault I lost my job!!” he would say smacking her across the face. “Always complaining about coming home late. I bet you wish I was at work late now”

“What does your tattoo mean?” asked the girl.

“It’s Chinese for Amber” said Amber

“Hm” she said in approval “Pretty colors”

The first symbol was pink and the second was green. They were on her left wrist.

“Roxy you have any tattoos or piercings?” Amber asked in curiosity.

“Had my naval pierced when I first got here. They made me take it out though” Roxy said in despair.

“These people here are so paranoid. How much damage can you really do to someone with a belly ring” Amber said frustrated.

“I know, right? But you could get into a fight up here and they could rip it out of your stomach” Roxy commented.

Amber winced in pretend pain, “Yeah never mind about that” she said laughing.

His cell was hot and musty. “I hate this *&%@ cell” His cell was on the third floor of the juvenile center and three cells down from Nick’s. It smelled like urine. The last guy that was in that cell was so terrified one night he peed on himself. His cellmate tried to sexually abuse him and the only way to stop him was to pee on himself. The toilet in the corner was old and rusted. Complete with maggots and all. He has yet to understand how the smell lingered. “Why come this is the stinkiest cell the whole place? There is no door; I got steel bars for God’s sake!” A 5 minute warning signal went off.

“5 minutes to sleepy time ladies!” yelled a patrol officer sarcastically.

Jeremy laid on his stomach with his hands under his pillow holding a knife. “Don’t try nothin’ stupid” he told his cell mate as he walked in.

“Don’t worry I won’t. Stop bein’ so uptight Jeremy, I'm try'na get outa here just like you" he said.

“Yeah well when dudes stop bein’ gay I’ll lighten up” Jeremy answered.

“I gotta whole son and girlfriend waitin’ at home for me” he said “Damien and Shameka my whole world.”

“So why you in here then? Shouldn’t you be at home with them?” asked Jeremy.

“My baby boy needed some diapers. So I thought to myself, this is my last time dealin’. Right?”


“This is for my family. I’m just gettin some quick cash so my boy can have the stuff he need. So I’m standin on the corner makin a sell when all of a sudden police roll by. I hurry up and finish the sell and try and walk away from the scene like it’s nothin. Right?”


“5-0 pull up….

“Why you walkin’’ so fast? What’s the hurry?” said a police officer

“Nothin’ much sir just excited to get home to my baby boy”

“You’re pretty young to be a father don’t cha think” he said again.

“If I can make one I can take care of one… Sir”

That’s when he pulled over and told me to put my hand up.

“Alright kid, put your hands up and lean against that wall over there.

“What-Man?! I told you I’m goin’ home”

“I know what you said but that’s not what you’re doing. Now lean against the wall like I told you to! Hurry up ‘fore I file insubordination!”

“Iight I’m going!

“Spread your legs apart, and hands up I said! Where did you get all this cash from?”

“Job…” said the boy nonchalantly.

“What kind of job?”


“What kind of salesman? Illegal drugs perhaps? You smoke pot boy?”

“No sir”

“That part was true…never use your own merchandise”

“What’s your name?”


“What’s your name!!” he pulled out his weapon.

“… Keyshawn…Phillips”

“Stand still”

“He went back to his car and put my name in. It was all over”

“Keyshawn Marquis Phillips you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do will be “

“So I’m guessin’ this ain’t yo first time gettin’ in trouble with the law” said Jeremy.

“Yeah, the first time was ‘cause I got in a real bad fight at school. It wasn’t gang related though. I ride solo” Keyshawn said.

Jeremy laughed, “me too.”


“Yes dear?”

“I wanna go home”

“Well you should have thought of that while you were speeding.”

“But I wasn’t speeding. I wasn’t even in the front. I was in the back seat and…”

“Alisa, Alisa. Stop babbling” said her mother.

“But mom!”

“But mom what? What am I supposed to do? Huh? Your court date in is a couple of days. Your future will be decided then.” said her mother.

“Huh, this sucks” complained Alisa.

“Well?” her mother hung up.

Alisa, Jeremy, Nick and Ambers court date was in 2 days.

(not part of the story)
Like I said a couple weeks ago, its not finished. So yeah, sorry.

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